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  1. .....you literally haven't even attempted to understand the accusations you are denying......
  2. So I'm wrong? You take a lot of time to thoughtfully consider criticisms of Penn State?
  3. It's almost like your a bozo who discounts any inconvenient information that comes his way.....
  4. http://www.flowrestling.org/video/764619-165lbs-3rd-place-match-bo-jordan-ohio-state-vs-jackson-morse-illinois#.WgSS_raFTys
  5. They shouldn't even wrestle the tournament now that we have you guys. How did Bo and Hall split if one is more talented?
  6. I think you are tending to oversimplify our sport, and in a way that robs it of a lot of its beauty and intrigue. But whatever, doubt I'll change your mind.
  7. well those aren't going away so I really don't care.
  8. So you are saying Darian Cruz is not as talented as Logan Stieber?
  9. I don't mean to get stuck on this but Bo was tearing apart full grown men with middle school moves as a freshmen. The talent is there. I am not judging the guy, I know his plate is full, D1 wrestling is insanely competitive....I just can't let the talent excuse go.
  10. Yeah its kinda like how Dustin Schlatter just wasn't talented enough.
  11. Yeah Bo is a real underdog story......The kid is a freak.
  12. Supposedly BoJo has been wrestling through crippling injuries....
  13. no....he/possibly she, thinks you are a troll.
  14. i actually screw that up chronically.
  15. you judged me quite harshly for my diction earlier.....huff huff
  16. I'm gonna really piss him off really badly by continuing to support him, I might even donate a butt load of money to the HWC so he has to call me and say "F you" in person.
  17. He's a full on hipster! He even likes coffee!
  18. I think the difference is Gilman is dumber than the other speakers. That hat isn't fooling anyone. I can say that now because I'm officially not allowed to like him anymore, sense I liked him more as a team USA member than a Hawkeye.
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