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  1. Jordan dec Hammond....looked way tougher than MARSTELLER!!!!!!!!! ;)
  2. "he can squeeze more words into the smallest thought of anyone I have ever met" -Abraham Lincoln
  3. He didn't give tamasselo his three after he released the turk because he had a bar, and the stalling call on Moss, while stieber had a leg in and the far arm hooked was ridiculous. I'm sure he is great I was just being an jerk off.
  4. I can't believe she just said stieber vs kade moss is the match of the day.
  5. Refs have got to start hitting Dij for stalling what clings to the arm and the guy is completely in front of him.
  6. Like the announcing situation. One informed person with no announcing experience, and one uninformed person with no annoucing experience.
  7. What does that mean? No one said he can't make weight. They said he broke and didn't.
  8. What is the rationale for saying he ducked him? He....didn't want a good seed at nationals?
  9. Do you know which way the wind is blowing. PSU will win all swing matches.
  10. i don't know if JH was being ironic or not, but yeah. gadson isn't chasing an AA finish. The difference is that he is a senior.
  11. I don't see him wrestling back hard if beaten early.
  12. I can't believe all these people picking Stieber over Beitz. How big of a first period lead are you guys counting on?
  13. OSU is going to win 141 and 149. I just don't think i have ever seen jeva win a match. Sorenson seems tough, but don't be too carried away with his most recent win. Even he seemed surprised at how badly stieber folded.
  14. I thought it was 2-0, possibly because of a mental lapse. But like I said he's great, just can't build a team around him yet.
  15. Yeah i didn't intend to make you look like a jerk. Just saying...as they say.
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