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  1. I just meant if they were shooting for a national title, making the lineup is a foregone conclusion, if you are really "just" shooting for AA honors, you may have to transfer.
  2. its something track is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to imagine.
  3. Ripped of from the Bill Maher routine, lets see how we do. I can't prove Bryce Meredith has to shave between his eyebrows, I just know its' true. (No offense, handsome guy, just think he has a unibrow)
  4. Revolutionizing that process is the equivalent of the chip in credit cards.
  5. Your mistake is assuming AA honors is their goal. There is another goal which makes squeezing into the lineup irrelevant.
  6. From a recruiting perspective the local match is more important. Why won't Iowa dual UNI? They don't want to validate them.
  7. IMHO, no one was outright surprised by Yianni's win and 8/9 were surprised by Dean's win.
  8. i don't know why a facial internet personality would be compared to someone with no capacity for humor.
  9. I almost started a topic, but for the sake of decency and good taste I am gonna say that Stoll doesn't win that match if the refs isn't scared of the boos in carver hawkeye. A match ending reversal was basically ignored, crucial and obvious stall calls took forever......frankly it was kinda shady.
  10. Most exciting team in the NCAA (with underdog aspect figured in dummy)
  11. ........NO!!!! The latest thing is always the best!
  12. If he's mudflap I think he would have had to be him in high school almost?
  13. I don't know if he wrestled or not I am just screwing around with the guy.
  14. I think PSU recruits intangibles better than most programs...so yes IMHO.
  15. OMG your excuses get lamer by the second. But I guess I should remind myself you never wrestled.
  16. https://www.flowrestling.org/video/5847630-57-semi---thomas-gilman-tmwc-vs-nico-megaludis-nittany-liontmwc 11-0 Amazing result for a guy coming right out of college! Megalaudis would be bettered served in IC!
  17. ....its hard to argue with someone who enthusiastically endorses being less than a wet fart.
  18. I never know any of Mizzo's recruits.....until they get to MIzzo and get made really good.
  19. Gilman > Nolf, Retherford, David Taylor, Ed Ruth.......
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