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  1. America isn't wussified by intolerance of violence. Its wussified by people who run around being "offended".
  2. Waters is frequently unsportsmanlike. If he wrestled for Iowa his reputation would be as bad as Gilmans was pre-slam.
  3. Why were you determined to be angry about the interview in advance?
  4. Do you realize that people don't often go into interviews for the sake of being scolded and humiliated? JB isn't validating or condemning any behavior, he is putting on a show. If you want to see people embarrassed watch the Bachelor or something.
  5. I'm trying to like iowa...then i see their fans trying to emulate their worst characteristics.
  6. cox ain't winning it with an all star loss. If Carter/Port/Dardanes make logan look bad twice between em, and Dieringer embarrasses jordan, thats the recipe for someone else to get it.
  7. The element that is missing from this convo is that Waters is a punk too.....
  8. He's a true sophmore, he doesn't have to crush top five guys yet...
  9. not necessarily he just can't think of three better.
  10. I hope not that would be boring, start at 174 again
  11. Programs should have an administrative head and wrestling Coach. Probably not practical but Koll is the only guy who i think can fill both of these rolls perfectly. Maybe Jrob...
  12. Its illegal to hold it passed the referees 5 count. Turning dudes with it is fine. THE OPPOSITE OF CAUGHT.
  13. tOSU can't scrape together a dual meet. Consistency over three days is out of the question.
  14. I don't think he sucks, he just doesn't win on hustle and clean scores. He wins on shrinking the match and being insanely hard to scores on. Not a wide margin for error.
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