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  1. Its probably already been said, but how pathetic is the "we aren't coming back" part.
  2. He smacked talked with no wit or humor, and with the smug assurance that there should only be one college allowed to wrestle in Iowa. Completely embarrassing. Dresser still isn't the good guy.
  3. a lot of these guys may have just not wanted to be that good.....
  4. I agree totally, I am just asking for comments on the concept being willfully marketed, and Iowas execution of the endeavor.
  5. As part of Iowas image reboot, they are tweeting out some...quasi-goofy shorts that I am sure most of you have seen. What do you guys think about em?
  6. You think if he goes down he will have conditioning issues, and if he goes up he'll have horsepower issues? Thats how I took that
  7. Joseph wins on guts and hustle. Average wrestling IQ, but the IQ will develop. He has big upside.
  8. When he was a senior and captain, he was interviewed and said he was not great about the vocal aspects of leadership. Compared to his peers, I think he is less motivated by ego and ambition.
  9. he's not gonna pull hard enough to negate Iowa's name and Dressers tactics. They might as well start out of state.
  10. No you're right I don't question it, just pointing out that people admire the talents that they can see on the mat and ignore the ones they can't.
  11. I am a huge fan...don't think he is gonna be great college coach.
  12. I am going to ignore that last question. My point is that it is naive to assume a freak athlete who is modest at learning can learn as well as a modest athlete who is good at learning. Talents aren't all in the biceps.
  13. why does the lesnar faction get to "what if" about technique but no one ever "what ifs" about being a freak athlete?
  14. you take long walks off of shorts things...short walks suffice off of tall things...provided they are not long...
  15. in the future I will attempt to not let my argumentiitve nature interfere with our discourse
  16. Am i the only one disgusted with this sentiment? Such a shame the physical gifts didn't win out? It's a triumph, not a shame.
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