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  1. Does this mean Kasper isn't gonna beat Snyder?
  2. Well kudos to lizak, I now officially forgive him for allowing Gilman an excuse to run around saying "I broke him from bottom!"
  3. he's like the poor mans nolf..."a mad hobbyist"
  4. I already have two morons trying to ruin the topic with their insecure garbage I don't need politics dragged in.
  5. Here is a contentious one, I can't prove Guerrero was never gonna get the Head Job at OSU, I just know its true.
  6. no one is running the kid down. Those terms apply.
  7. Not everything is about you. Stop ruining my thread.
  8. 1) Lee is still a ?, and a lot of the intrigue surrounding him involves how disastrous it will be for Iowa if he flops. 2) Iowa has slipped into the #1 ranking in recent years, I don't know how thats not challenging for a title. My point, which is publicly embraced by Iowas staff, is that they have a public image crisis. Rankings and finishes can cure it, but sense thats not in the near future, the public relations side is crucial also. Make sense? That doesn't relate directly to redshirting those kids or not. I don't think we are too far off, kinda a 60/40 thing.
  9. I can't prove PSU fans change their story on why Suriano transferred every 5 minutes...without 2 minutes of scrolling through the forum
  10. I disagree. Recruits aren't reading WIN Magazine and scanning for box scores. Two freshmen on the cover of Flo every week is exactly what they need. Iowa is behind, and they aren't going to small ball their way back. But in theory these decisions are made along the lines of whats best for the kids. And no offense to Warner, Miklus looked like he head ski boots on, the fight wasn't there.
  11. Are any PSU coaches married to emotionally disturbed or mentally handicapped women?
  12. yeah they might need to bring an MRI machine mat side for that one.
  13. When Cael is at Josephs funeral next week he'll claim he's drilling "downstairs".
  14. Bozo I put "just" in quotes for that reason. It wasn't a judgmental thing, it was just a logic thing....if you don't care about anything but a national title, making the lineup is a forgone conclusion, not the same with being an AA. Get off your pulpit.
  15. I just meant if they were shooting for a national title, making the lineup is a foregone conclusion, if you are really "just" shooting for AA honors, you may have to transfer.
  16. its something track is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too lazy to imagine.
  17. Ripped of from the Bill Maher routine, lets see how we do. I can't prove Bryce Meredith has to shave between his eyebrows, I just know its' true. (No offense, handsome guy, just think he has a unibrow)
  18. Revolutionizing that process is the equivalent of the chip in credit cards.
  19. Your mistake is assuming AA honors is their goal. There is another goal which makes squeezing into the lineup irrelevant.
  20. From a recruiting perspective the local match is more important. Why won't Iowa dual UNI? They don't want to validate them.
  21. IMHO, no one was outright surprised by Yianni's win and 8/9 were surprised by Dean's win.
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