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  1. i will not reply...in the college context
  2. The question is...how much of his success was do to being physically....out of scale. (thats not a PED comment it is a natural gifts comment. But both have diminishing returns)
  3. Is gallen the first to bring up the other valencia? Got to admit I pretty much forgot about him myself.
  4. its not a pun there is only one layer of meaning.......0/10
  5. why did you say "baroque?" Classical art joke?
  6. I am pretty certain he did. It might not count because it's an out of season exhibition, sorta like people who don't count freestyle and stuff. But that doesn't make much sense to me, I bet it counted to wittlake
  7. Well, if they changed the rules without telling meredith yeah he woulda got majored..... But you're right. Meredith isn't as obnoxious as Heil but he is pretty ridiculous.
  8. Heil. I haven't looked at the schedule, but he is going down soon to someone random. I am not one of the beleaguered throngs of hapless people who are "through betting against Heil". He sucks so badly at freestyle he just can't be that good!
  9. oh you were trying to make friends? Sorry I missed that part.
  10. had I used hynek for my initial post would you have still missed the point?
  11. yeah but you obviously isn't know what I was alluding to with my initial post.
  12. say anything you want...just don't call me hammerhead.
  13. TBar is a populist with no ideas...could be president some day.
  14. Folk is just plain harder than free, I think the James Green effect might diminish marstellar.
  15. I wonder how the strategies change after the initial commit...
  16. Did Wes Hand ever wrestle freestyle? Lesnars most impressive wrestling match was his loss to Neal.
  17. Yeah I wasn't trying to dog the kid, I was responding to someone saying he should start no matter what. Tsirtsis is a good scenario for teaching the difference between fan mentality and real life.
  18. Yeah Tom isn't machiavellian at all
  19. I am glad you sourced this instead of just lying like you do about suriano
  20. wonder what his off the mat is like.......
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