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  1. Hold on does Grey have an olympic gold? I have it on.....authority that the only thing that matters at all ever is the olympics.
  2. great move, agree with me then posture like you aren't so you can look cool on the forum or something...
  3. I already said he isn't the goat yet, but this is a stupid argument.
  4. because name dropping marable crushes burroughs in your opinion, and you have no frame of reference for the comparison
  5. you must know the name of the guy that smith lost to in his olympic pool
  6. the idiotic taylor over dake bias is a real thing...
  7. To be fair I think burroughs got two titles with 1 point Tds, but the point stands. With the pushout thing, Smith was way harder to underhook than JB, or at least way more dangerous too sense he had duck unders on both sides from there. Also, as far as being grounded goes, Smith was one of the few who could drop his butt straight down to mat and put it right between his heels....thats a hard guy to push out.
  8. I'll take a different tact....Smith is better because he has better par terre, shots from tie up, and changed the sport. Also think he would have been more dominant in an era of 2 point TDs.... But if burroughs picks up another gold, plus all the other medals, he's just plain outproduced smith and would be the goat.
  9. I assume its gonna be pretty straight forward. Snyder is gonna handfight his ass off and try to get that point, get Sad tired, I assume every shot will be to the hip, cause obviously the ankle stuff went horribly last time. I don't think anyone is learning a lot from that prediction but was wondering if anyone had other ideas. Whats Sad's strategy? Be better at wrestling?
  10. I don't think they care about that at all, i think the only issue is if the gangsters funding the program care about 2021 worlds
  11. I hadn't thought about this and its a real bitch of a confound in the discussion......
  12. I think it might not be true about their other olympic champs because they have an ultra elitist culture. they only guy who doesn't scoff at the rest of the world is the one who has to worry about being the best wrestler who ever lived. If another guy on the team could outpace Sad in terms of world and olympic titles by the time it was all done I bet they would be competing.
  13. I'd be curious about if their financial incentives were affected. My take on Saduleav is that he's holding down the p4p best on earth spot and for reasons of pride (good or bad) just can't bring himself to sit out a worlds, especially if he's chasing the greatest ever title.
  14. I don't not understand the impulse to make vapid, sneering remarks on behalf of people who didn't show up for a tournament....
  15. With the possible exception of snyder all those guys did peak as freshmen, you just don't know the difference between waiting for people to graduate and improving, and the fact that you mentioned mckenna, who wasn't a freshmen at tOSU....isnt great for the argument. They weren't good enough this year for anyone to notice details like mat wrestling. I can't be specific about illinois mat deficiencies either, but they were good enough to beat tOSU. I'll put it this way, tOSU recruits on a tier with PSU OSU and recently Iowa...when was the last time one of those teams scored 46 points at NCAAs? I'll bash them too is they exist.
  16. i never bought into you being the worst poster ever until this post
  17. I could just list teams that have beaten them but I'm trying to be intellectually honest about the nature of the discussion, you know as opposed to making sneering cheap remarks and talking to a non-existent person who says they have no credentials. And beyond that you are being willfully ignorant. My whole point is that that tOSU punches well below their weight in terms of recruiting, they're basically a ferrari with go cart tires. Their guys peak as freshmen, someones always out of shape, their mat wrestling sucks, look for hustle positions like mat returns and short offense scores and you are gonna see a giant holes, then you get to 5 star recruits like decatur who are just a total embarrassment...
  18. Off the top of my head Penn state, iowa, cornell, missouri, NC State, Virginia Tech, Northwestern do a dramatically better job. I could throw in a bunch teams based simply on the fact that they've beaten tOSU in duals and NCAA's with much less flashy recruiting, but I really am trying to stick to teams based purely on my noticing that their guys have obviously been coached.
  19. yeah admittedly that's true, its not a great argument because it can't be falsified....doesn't change the fact that tOSU doesn't develop their talent well compared to the other top 10 programs. Go back and watch steiber's flo film, he talks openly about how during his RS freshmen year instead of cutting his weight correctly he used to just watch practice and float off the last few pounds. that's incompetent by high school standards. Another kid who would have been successful pretty much anywhere.
  20. Oddly, this two time medalist seems like he has little chance of medaling.
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