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  1. You don't get to talk down my prediction and then drop "He's that good" like you are saying something.
  2. Brooks completely controlled jackson in the handfight, its gonna be similar with Valencia.
  3. I get that, but lets try to be generous to those of us who are willing to predict an upset.
  4. its finally up Flo gets there news from NorthJersey.com evidentally.
  5. Then why isn't that stated on the front page?
  6. nothing in the front page
  7. I love how far behind this story Flo is....
  8. Isn't it second rnd? If Brook can overcome Jackson, of which I am dubious.
  9. I think his collar will block off a lot Valencia's stuff, V gets tired, Brooks finds a way.
  10. Yeah he got me. I only had my guard up till like 3 pm....
  11. Yep Deal. Anything weird happens and he doesn't step on the mat no bet, bet goes at first whistle of PD3 first match.
  12. No no no, you get 10 horses including PD3 who the smart money is on, I get one. You pay 10/1. 10 horses vs 1. If you don't get that you sure don't know much about betting.
  13. Since you know so much about betting, can I apply your logic and ask for a 10/1 bet on Taylor?
  14. How about 50 vs 500? I gamble, but regardless of the odds 1000 is beyond what I can cheerfully lose.
  15. Hey I'm just saying if he wasn't so boring, and could think of a catch phrase that wasn't plagiarized or nonsensical, he'd have a shot at being as cool as ferrari.
  16. Sense the advent of Ferrari no one besides people on this forum remember PD3, so I'd put some stock in those predictions.
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