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  1. I with no foreknowledge, like to mention that TBar never wrestled....and he never argues.
  2. Pico took the ego/$ road....sound like he would have developed faster than Zain?
  3. that is true. i thought he was overrated at the time and everything bore out my opinion. If you don't believe me, please don't ruin the topic with it,
  4. If I say something blatantly false....its generally sarcasm.
  5. it was an ultra obnoxious sarcastic remark on my part. The point being he not was that good.
  6. one was fiendish about finding the toughest competition and the other was hiding from it for 3 years. Thanks to BTFB for pointing out the bail on dapper dan. He also dropped a weight because he almost got beat by cody weircoch, who is a multiple AA i believe.
  7. PSU is gonna have 8 AAs and a significant bonus advantage....tOSU aint gonna touch that.
  8. does anyone else think Zain hates the 4 point NF rule? It has him wondering perilously close to a lot of tech falls.
  9. i think marinelli is too stingy. I thought palacio was gonna beat kemerer, not feeling that vibe this time.
  10. If you are gonna respond "thanks for the info" to his gibberish you might as well be the same person. Nickal couldn't have been marstellars replacement for two reasons, 1) they were obviously not gonna be the same weight 2) HE WAS A MUCH BETTER HIGH SCHOOL WRESTLER!!! Anyone who actually paid attention and wasn't a PA doofus knew he should have been like 7th overall in his class.
  11. if you quit...you aren't the best ever. Why don't we just make up hypothetical about people who never wrestled? Or were never born at all!
  12. its a pretty complacent move....or you could call it a mature move. It depends on whether he wins NCAAs or not.
  13. He wanted him cheap....its not a brutal drive.
  14. how do u post so smugly and know so little?
  15. Just go ahead and verbal, got some paperwork to go through....have the actual offer in the mail in no time!
  16. Cenzo is the only one in the group who is still underrated.
  17. Alright well as long as thats the emphasis i am A OK with this topic.
  18. Cael didn't want him... and the insinuation that PSU may have solved all his problems is nauseatingly naive.
  19. i just had to bump this i was thinking about how awesome this lizard is all day.
  20. as i explained before, the timing of the weigh in is crucial for lizak.
  21. i am pretty sure we can pencil in PSU for an AA at 197
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