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  1. I'm curious as to if he can beat manville
  2. that would be possible if not for the ridiculous amount of undeserved press he gets. Its ok, its just a double edged sword.
  3. Conaway probably an accounting major and explains to the IRS the 112 wrestling mats PSU purchased for their last camp.
  4. Didn't know that, I was going by the clothing brand.
  5. aren't those the most meaningful conversations?
  6. Thats the messed up thing though, he was when he was a freshmen. And if you are gonna agree with me like that, shouldn't I get a like?!?!? OH Thanks!
  7. yeah Isaac just seemed like his wrestling IQ was on another level.
  8. Am I intended to take the Jetton/Guerrero example as evidence that bottom is the hardest to coach? One opinion of mine on the subject (that doesn't support my opinion on coaching bottom being easier than the other positions) is that bottom is the most demanding technically, in the sense that you'll never see someone escape from a competent, tough and motivated wrestler with poor technique. Sloppy turns and TDs can come out of nowhere, I don't think this holds true for escapes.
  9. The he cut too much weight narrative needs to go away. Its ridiculous.
  10. Yeah I didn't want to be the one to say it....i just know its true
  11. Well yeah....but I'm saying it ain't gonna happen.
  12. I don't agree. Part of coaching is recognizing where technique ends and toughness begins, therefore I would divorce the subjects.
  13. You're like a child with a sarcasm gun who doesn't know how to use it
  14. Doesn't matter really, but Hall has two wins over Snyder. Junior World Team Trials...2012?
  15. This goes against the whole concept of forum and it's fan mentality BS, but does anyone really care? It blows my mind.
  16. gallen, why do you think bottom is the hardest to coach? Cause its a toughness thing?
  17. they aren't gonna be close enough to a trophy to feel a point deduction.
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