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  1. i can't wait for you to actually start watching the matches before commenting on them.
  2. They need a one point escape chain before they start a pin chain, and after watching them against CSU and Kent State, they might want to consider implementing some technique to get said pins. Snyder is basically just strangling kids to death and rolling them over.
  3. I started a topic praising Mckee bozo. I just thought I'd make you look dumb for defending the program without thinking. PS, i know the technique. It's not voodoo, or so weird that Mckee should be taken down with it a half dozen times in 2 matches.
  4. Flo's attention to people trying to learn technique has gotten worse as time went on. frankly I thought they were trying to drive away the technique demographic over the past year.
  5. The only person who punches people for not wearing iowa clothing is gilman
  6. The great thing about PD3 is that nothing is above or beneath his dignity. Why the topic, am I not up on current events? No 2nd semester shenanigans?
  7. Still shame on the staff. Brock got taken down three times with the same shrug, which you couldn't blame the staff for....unless he nailed it with him twice in the scuffle SEMIs. Looks more too me like nothing was the priority...
  8. while we are snearing at gables legacy in favor of yarygin, which one was on an enormous of steroids?
  9. when you put ellipses (...) before, "LOL", you tip everyone off that you are pretending to laugh at your own joke.
  10. yeah a dual they got beat by 30 in is way more important to Mckee than a world title, you make great points.
  11. In fairness, there is a lot more/any $ involved in the MMA cuts, so there isn't only more motivation, but more resources, experts, drugs, etc, to devote to the process. So, I guess what I mean this that we know the same, and don't have thousands of dollars to invest in the process.
  12. Yeah you might be right, but the kid is headed to worlds, which it seems to me should be a peak, and he is having a buttload of travel and weigh ins dropped right on top of it. As the topic implies, maybe he is just that into it, but if he's doing this for the team (duals in november) I think its dumb.
  13. Why do you and Tbar try to compensate for your lack of insight by just pasting content everyone has already seen?
  14. you're really grasping at straws now, i kinda feel bad for you.
  15. I think Snyder might be the best competitor in the history of USAW....but does anyone like to compete more than Mitch Mckee? I felt this way sense I saw him lose a Fargo after his senior year, and my thought was, "this kid goes everywhere he has got to be burnt out," and he has been wrestling a full D1 schedule while not missing seemingly any freestyle events ever sense. Being in a dual meet the day before leaving for U23s the latest example (shame on the Minny coaching staff by the way). Anyone else notice this? Am I off base?
  16. He is occasionally soft as snot too... But yeah he brings more technique to bare in the course of a match than anyone in the NCAA.
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