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  1. those who think nickal taylor is gonna be more competitive than dean taylor are bozos.
  2. more like surgeon vs tumor. (no offense nate, comparison very schultz centric)
  3. I feel like a jerk saying it but Ringer got handled so thoroughly by Dake it had me wondering if he was somehow a super overrated 3 timer and hodge winner. Is he small for 74 kilos?
  4. What are the bad style match ups out there that can spoil the supermatch? My two submission are: Levalley knocking off Dake (no analysis here its just that he's beaten him before). Perry Knocking off Burroughs. I think its possible just because Perry is impossibly stingy. I think he'll be able to keep himself in the match.
  5. Only you would plagiarize a flo article. Jealous of the cool kids who actually understand the sport a little?
  6. actually banach was a 3 time champ so schultz did prevent him from being a 4 timer. Glad I could clear that up for you.
  7. What kind of argument is that? It has nothing to do with anything. Am I supposed to run down all the Nick Lee fans and chastise them now?
  8. If we are supposed to believe you, why are you labeling yourself as a fanatic? Big problem with america today is people think the extremism of their commitment can compensate for it being ridiculous.
  9. so you thought I literally was saying you should be committed to an institution for shooting on Retherford?
  10. is there some sort of point to that comment?
  11. Maybe late in the match. It is not joke though, Zain's down block to an inside drag is one of the best moves out there, or at least it holds his whole style together. The amount of pressure he can generate is tripled by the fact that you are crazy to shoot on him.
  12. He's wrestling right now guys!
  13. i would have called it a toss up pre-world cup. ITs probably gonna be Taylor by 6
  14. sense all your posts are obnoxiously self congratulatory I doubt you are a masochist.
  15. He is kinda like Ramos freaking out every time someone would pick against him, except Ramos sorta had a point because he wasn't getting beaten by anyone domestically.
  16. I guess it was more than a coincidence when I forecasted a longwinded/meaningless prediction and you entered the discussion.
  17. You can't condition your prediction on your picks weaknesses not showing up in the match. Zain is going to win (I know I said Tech....i did that to be obnoxious), because his neutral game is way tighter than JOs. He is as difficult to score on at any point in the match, and is as good at leading the action as anyone in the world. The cadence of the match will be dominated by Zane this time.
  18. file this along side your prediction that burroughs would flounder internationally because he couldn't handfight
  19. whats ur prediction, I have a feeling its boring, long winded and meaningless.
  20. from a physical standpoint alone it will be a completely different match. JO will be further over the hill and zane will be probably close to the ideal size. Also I have no faith in that RTC's ability to develop talent.
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