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  1. Of Course he is nervous, do you guys know what hell it is being a head coach?
  2. just because no one wants to talk about him doesn't mean they forgot. Yeah t-shirts isn't a thing.
  3. who is? thanks for the look up. i didn't remember that either.
  4. easily a third of pat downeys age
  5. I agree on Moisey but no one on earth is sleeping on Lizak
  6. who beat Murray in the finals? I wasn't the first to make the point, but Cruz is possibly the most heavily dismissed NCAA champ ever
  7. 125 in the big ten is pretty weak, he could slide into a lot of points.
  8. Who the hell is carson kuhn. Can he beat carson manville? I heard Sofonda Cox is also considering a transfer.
  9. was matt Murray a finalist? and Lang bumped up a weight a took a bunch of beatings.
  10. that friggin article didn't explain anything. is it: a) the USADA screws people over for no reason b) Oliver was abusing some serious drugs ?????????
  11. one thing is for sure, the seeding committee will be bashed no matter what happens at 141. Honestly it'll probably come down to "HOW COULD THEY ALLOW THIS TO BE A QUARTERFINAL?"
  12. Snyder should get the Hodge. His lack of pins is a direct result of the fact that this is his JV schedule....
  13. Why is everyone so down on Nato? The season is way too long anyway, he's probably at a significant advantage for having gotten hurt.
  14. plus Lee wasn't gifted a call like suriano was
  15. Cruz has obviously improved in the last year, Suriano, not so much.
  16. No...Cornell isn't inundated with bizarre thoughtless mean-spirited attacks.
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