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  1. So, you are saying he acts like a head case?
  2. OHHHHHHHHHHHHH BTFB just got dunked on!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Are you under the impression that Dresser has a good reputation in Iowa? No one consults their mentors about selling out.
  4. "Hey Tom Should i dump you and coach for Dresser?"
  5. because he has to pay terry, another naive post from BTFB
  6. Its obvious why Brands skipped VT and UNI...its a lose/lose for Iowa. Not defending it but that is the reason. Metcalf left Iowa to get paid obviously.
  7. Well sense Cael said he left Iowa State for a better recruiting situation, i assume you are willing to admit Caels main strength as a coach is recruiting?
  8. All of Suriano's talk about leaving PSU has been transparent BS in my opinion....
  9. Compared to high school, the actual wrestle off has much less importance.
  10. It doesn't matter who he beat. His Snaky style just pisses me off. I don't like suriano either but was very glad that he beat Bresser.
  11. I'll take the chance to proclaim myself a full fledged member of the Hate Ronnie Bresser Club.
  12. I think Kemerer is obviously improved. People who take it for granted that people on this level are going to improve just aren't paying attention.
  13. A big surprise? No. Iowas staff has done an awesome job up and down the lineup. Cause they are a pretty great staff. This should be surprising if you are part of the element that bashes Iowa for everything....
  14. hey dork you can't go back edit post to make to make it look like you won an argument. I said fair enough when you said Iowa needs to publicly and affirm that they aren't trying to win nationals.
  15. Alger is definitely one of the great wrestling groupees.
  16. everyone knows that. it was a joke, not a manifesto.
  17. wasn't oklahoma the miraculous improvement last year? I thought so.
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