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  1. When you've never put someone on their back before....
  2. So...sense cael puts out a good lineup...people can't bring up that he advocates against the policy changes aimed at increasing the importance of dual meets?
  3. I'm nowhere close the defending the National Duals BS, but that has nothing to do with what we're talking about
  4. cause he battled against a myriad of ideas all of which were intended to make duals more meaningful.
  5. Yeah but, they are running the program, its their philosophy....you think sneeringly holding it against them is a good look? If they came out and publicly changed the policy you would be more supportive?
  6. i'll make the same bet, you get southern illinois
  7. football players tend towards it while they are competing.
  8. why does someone who hates the program get to decide if they are allowed to have a down year?
  9. does anyone else consider me an Iowa Homer?
  10. Iowas expectations aren't diminished...there is just a bunch of bozos lined up to gloat about the fact that they won't meet them this year.
  11. early failures seem to have derailed NCAA ambitions? Fair synopsis?
  12. stp is by far the best poster who is also just a homer.
  13. imar got over confident and started trying to muscle everyone after his first title...repeat potential
  14. you disagreed with me and then agreed with me...
  15. i wasn't being sarcastic, i'm just saying we can have a petition instead of a topic
  16. Kerry Mccoy should get fired...that the omega of this topic right?
  17. So no? You're super naive and think wrestling is about your plan? The point is Lee looks greats and you are trying to spin in it.
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