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  1. don't compare him to kolat, who was in the NCAA finals as a true freshmen.
  2. i heard jackson got a 5 year extension after moreno won
  3. He wanted to be home in time to watch the OSU Minny meet live
  4. are you one of these deadbeats who watches flo on mcdonalds wifi and freaks out when they can't watch the big dual?
  5. You trying to say his diminished results have nothing to do with harder competition is laughable.
  6. na, i was too lazy to read. thanks for clarifying
  7. Is that what you think i was doing?
  8. no not every wrestler. Him maybe. I am gonna go ahead and say what we are all thinking.......if marstellar had grown up in Ohio he wouldn't be having any of the problems he is now.
  9. People aren't arguiing that marstellar could wrestle with thomas are they? He'd pin him in the first period. When they wrestled in HS it was a man vs a boy, and it's a testament to what a freak marstellar was that the boy was several years older than the man.
  10. They didn't mention it because they know.......
  11. If you guys are gonna put it off on the weight cut, you are essentially saying that John Smith doesn't know whats fair to ask of his athletes, or that Marsteller just isn't tough. Like a lot of young wrestlers, I think he is tough when he feels tough and soft when he feels soft. This is great in HS, when your technically superior and your biological age is about 28, but in college the volume of training demands daily toughness. He'll figure it out, it just takes time.
  12. He isn't burnt out. As I have pointed out before he didn't have a very demanding schedule his last two years in high school. I think he just has to get his weight down. He looked like a title contender against Torres, two hours before against koo he was clock watching and looked lazy. I think it's fairly obvious that he is just adjusting to D1 wrestling.
  13. I heard the coaches have decided in advance not to allow any funk, stalling is going to be called only on the basis of shots taken (even if the shooter backs up constantly the whole match), any pin by logan steiber will be worth 7 points, and if a virginia win at HWY will result in a criteria decision, tOSU has negotiated to forfeit in the form of a 1 point decision. Order restored.
  14. Is Jared Haughts up or down?
  15. nelson nailed it. The tomasello apologists remind me of those sure taylor would spank Dake.
  16. You guys who talk about "The funk" like it is something tomasello shouldn't have been responsible for stopping sound very naive.
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