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  1. Mark Hall, Anthony Valencia, Zahid Valencia, Kyle Snyder, Spenser Lee, and Aaron Pico.
  2. What are you getting at? Smith doesn't exactly do more with less.
  3. there is a simple clear reason for this. The extended plot line of Burroughs/Taylor was much more intriguing than Ruth making the team. The story was better.
  4. http://www.nittanyliongrappling.org/martin.html
  5. The backlash was because his absence is very suspicious, not because it's an illegitimate question.
  6. the debate is settled, college doesn't always imitate high school. Big break through
  7. He went to high school with a half dozen kids better than him. How many kids are one of the best ever? I would say 5 is the group. You people seem to think anyone in the top 200 is "one of".
  8. Saying someone isn't one of the best ever means calling them a dime a dozen This is when the PA fan boys go full retard....
  9. My bad about thinking he majored him, i don't know where that came from. I think Conway is taken very seriously by any fair minded fan, the sensationalism is not required.
  10. he was in no way one of the most successful High school wrestlers of all time.
  11. Let's be serious. Hammond today is a much better wrestler than marstellar.
  12. Doesn't conway have a win by major over Tyler Graff? If i am correct this topic could be called "Conway finally gets off the couch"
  13. Its vital to understand that McDonough basically got worse as his career went on.
  14. It is BS if they don't count his losses as a true freshmen.
  15. yeah the tOSU sniping is a bit out of control. This from someone out to snipe them.
  16. I like him fine. He just happens to be at the helm of an overrated program.
  17. Crying over stalling calls like tOSU was doing after being beaten by tech....
  18. I kinda think the freaked out backlash against his losses are because people think he upside isn't that huge.
  19. Any other explanation than the program is gonna suffer for the good of a few individual athletes is just gibberish, and I am fine with that explanation. I'm not fine with the "it's ok to mail in a season" argument.
  20. they should take em all out. I don't know how people can talk about risk, they are forfeiting the NCAA tournament when they could win it, thats beyond risk.
  21. You made a post which made no sense (beyond being some whiny complaint about iowa), and i asked you to explain what you said. Thats where we are so far.
  22. I get more of a vibe of lehigh's suckiness than anything else. But maybe Rider is coming on.
  23. how many more loses will tomasello have to take before his fans accept one? for the record i think he is awesome.
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