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  1. I'll say AA material, especially sense he is redshirting anyway.
  2. Oh you mean Hammond? I think I did say he was better as of now, not in high school. I was wrong about that. Oh Nickal! yeah I did say that. I'll put their creds side by side sometime.
  3. Like who? I claimed two valencias, pico, snyder, Lee, and Hall. Had I been asked I would have rested my argument on them being more credentialed.
  4. Thanks Not much to say after that one. He isn't in great shape or anything but he is so good at managing matches it's almost a non factor.
  5. I found an outstanding replay of the johnson Gadson match on youtube.
  6. Thanks WN, i think he looks like the real deal.
  7. "A three-time Catholic School state champion in New York ... Finished third in the N.Y. state championships in 2013 ... Plans to major in engineering." thats what i found no thanks to you dorks. Anyone else see the match?
  8. I was positive Johnson would beat gadson but was too busy washing my hair to post the prediction
  9. smith doesn't know about winning thats for sure
  10. 174 opens up big time, if Dieringer runs the table that might be a plan.
  11. Kid looked smart and tough and technical and in shape against Kindig.
  12. Not to be a stickler, but he didn't say anything about leaving blair in the middle of the season, which i believe is the point of contention.
  13. Hum, maybe they wanted him in the line up so bad that they did pressure him down a weight. It'll be interesting.
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