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  1. For it to be an evans tribute he would have to squeak out a win against a huge underdog, and celebrate like a tool after.
  2. He isn't stalling at all both guys are working their butts off.
  3. he's not dismissive he is just saying it was called correctly, which i don't think it was because he might as well have punched waters.
  4. It was flagrant misconduct.
  5. I'm really bemused by Iowa the last two days, but if anything the double standard is against Iowa sense their reputation has them hyper analyzed.
  6. The same reason bullies stand in front of the bathroom door when nerds are around.
  7. They can get away with anything apparently and the refs wipe it by throwing up mystery penalty points against the other team
  8. I can't the calls these refs are giving Iowa. Today and yesterday have been ridiculous.
  9. these refs are screwing MIZZO
  10. Wild TUrkey, He bled because he was head butted, he didn't cry at all, but if he teared up if was because thats what happens when your face gets smashed, "slapped"? that doesn't warrant a response, didn't stall, he took more shots than evans who waited for one re-attack and didn't take ground, and "led his team to an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty" really? He made his coaches get a points deducted? You're post was a) the product of insecurity at how vulnerable evans is, and b)nothing but a mean spirited snipe and you should edit it.
  11. He bled, what kind of moron are you?
  12. Normally I am on the other side of the sensitivity argument...I guess the only thing I would add is that "A joke isn't a joke unless someone gets their feelings hurt". Hence the purpose/controversy of the jerk athlete.
  13. So evans isn't a D-Bag, because it's entertaining to watch?
  14. Last seasons he had a month long concussion, torn mcl, and torn meniscus (back to back to back). So it was hard to make a dent.
  15. so palacio got a team point take away and evans didn't. Cornell wasn't gonna win anyway but this is obnoxious.
  16. Evans just doesn't like it when people wrestle back. Which would look better if he did anything himself.
  17. They did in HS too but i've never seen it enforced
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