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  1. actually its a really appropriate comment. Gilman's bark is worse than his bite.
  2. ok, fine with that. I assume we are on the same page now.
  3. Relativism/imperfection is not an argument.
  4. In response to the initial post, Cael would have majored nick moore.
  5. Thanks steve, sorry i was too lazy to read the thread. Those comments are obnoxious.
  6. Well on certain subjects more of his defenders are cool-aid drinkers...
  7. Whats the debate? I don't think he was tired. He was early season but he has never cut weight before.
  8. I think snyders poise showed confidence. Everyone calling for him to crowbar in a shot are correct...if they are referring only to the last 10 seconds of the match.
  9. His high school program is better stupid.
  10. its mostly funny cause of the intersection between honesty/goofiness. I loved it to.
  11. is there a dual meet OSU can't piss away?
  12. he's a true freshmen wrestling 197.......
  13. it was snyders choice, he took injury timeout, the effect being burak gets choice twice.
  14. so snyder rolled injury time by accident?
  15. Tom Ryan has a great quote, "Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional." Hunter Stieber was suffering out there. Something very wrong mentally.
  16. Thats like going out to sing the national anthem and not knowing the words
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