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  1. Taylor has had some of the most brutal losses of anyone around, always handles them well. Weird career, seems to bob from between god and goat.
  2. "a prophecy, which misinterpreted, could have been."
  3. I bet there is some sexual tension back stage!
  4. they really should know the rules better than us. They just aren't in the corner of freestyle as often as many of the people on this board i guess.
  5. Thats why Oliver is a jerk for taking down that guy form columbia 12 times in a period....he's boring when the guy can fight back...
  6. "deserves" is a useless, dangerous word to use.
  7. what if he played batman or something? He's make a great Punisher, or Robocop if the ears were really a deal breaker.
  8. Is his appearance! And thats not knock on his wrestling the guy is really handsome! Anyone else notice this?
  9. Thats why every sport does it.... I for one think they should let spectators sit on the stage between mats and occasionally be asked to move be unpaid tournament workers. Concessions should also be the exclusive property of a swindling low life who draws out the tournament endlessly and the hospitality room should feature exclusively food lion brand powdered non dairy creamer.
  10. you must be the guy who complains about paying for flopro
  11. given the way green was able to isolate a crafty Dustin Schlatter.....I assume USAW will hold its cards to screw the guy who beats burroughs.
  12. this was nothing like the recent criticism of refs for bad judgement calls procedural ignorance.
  13. I don't buy that he would have won anyway. For one thing he got several questionable calls after the initial brick, but regardless you can't under estimate what the mental toll must have been on Reader seeing that script flipped. They basically changed the rules on him.
  14. A lot of the criticism of cormier was because he was claimed by many to have put his weight cut off much much too long and essentially brought it on himself. He was doing a cut remotely as difficult as marable or hoch
  15. Well there are no one point turns anymore and that used to be considered hand to hand. Does that help? I see what you mean, maybe you are on to something, if they didn't award points for rolls without exposure, you could force guys to come up with it. This would deflate the turn while leaving it a good move.
  16. First of all I appreciate you responding reasonably to such a stupid post on my part. But to answer, no laces and exposures are not BS. Freestyle is a more demanding discipline than folkstyle (technically not in terms of difficulty). This is what the sport is, sitting around hoping it will turn into folkstyle is childish.
  17. This topic is one of the stupidest i have ever seen.
  18. Yeah well no one has to use it as a opportunity to look tough either. I don't feel very badly for them I just don't like the smug comments from people who have no idea what they're talking about.
  19. This is how elite guys miss weight. They put if off little because they are confident and have made weight every time they have ever tried, then they break cause cutting weight is hard, and they don't get it back together in time. This is very human stuff we are talking about its not something they decided to do. Its like getting in a huff because someone turned around climbing mount everest.
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