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  1. Marion Molinaro and St. John are very impressive finals wins. I know it's unpopular to start talking about weak/strong NCAA finalists, but Dake absolutely stomped three multiple finalists, and his match with taylor really wasn't that suspenseful.
  2. What Dake did was astounding. I am sure someone will remember it different...but even after Dake had beaten him twice most people were still picking Taylor. He bent the wrestling world's imagination a little.
  3. I just got called an idiot on the other thread for saying Iowa couldn't shut out the dual for the same reason they won't be a rock solid #1 headed into nationals, now I have to come over here and get the homer treatment.....hardly seems fair.
  4. Ryan trying to repair his lame reputation?
  5. yeah sucking is the best policy. Maybe they can wrestle awful for the rest of the season and really get something going.
  6. stieber bumps to 157, demas goes 165 and is a favorite (my bad forgot "bojo" this is an edit). Who replaces stieber at 141?
  7. Alright well i'll apologize with Iowa wins those three weights, that fair? Not that that accounts for me making the worst argument sense someone dropped a wrestling program. But whatever your not a three dollar bill.....
  8. yes it does they are the same people who are gonna wrestle in the DUAL!!!!!! Just say sorry for jumping down my throat for no reason.
  9. Waters getting majored is more likely than him getting one.
  10. I didn't even say iowa wasn't the best! I just pointed out the places Iowa is little nervous! And everyone who currently nestled up my butt seems to agree with me because all they have to say is that other teams have more question marks. You'd think I called them holes or something. The real story here is how paranoid and insecure this success and #1 ranking has made some of the Iowa faithful.
  11. They're just not definite point scorers at nationals. Everyone is so sensitive on here.
  12. Iowa will not shut out this dual for the same reason they are gonna be a shaky #1 headed into nationals (if they are). They have ? at 141, 157, 165. Sorry plas i don't have a meaningful historical perspective.
  13. Ah poop you're right. I did say that. I was kinda arguing from the perspective of the old NON WRESTLING subject days. You win I was poorly thought out.
  14. "My comment was only for those that seem to think Sorenson doesn't have a chance on this one or that H is just way too much for him" Positing imaginary questions for the sake of winning arguments on the forum is close enough to lying for my taste. I guess you don't take such things seriously.
  15. Pushing out of bounds has a practical purpose. tattoos don't
  16. I am gonna second kendrick maple. Barring ignorance of some rare disease, I don't think I've ever seen someone take their foot off as the pedal as abruptly as he did.
  17. Did your mind reading or crystal ball tell you this? PS no one said S doesn't have a chance. You don't have to lie to fit in.
  18. People like to throw around the word troll when they don't want to consider your logic.
  19. This chris phillips kid sounds like a great prospect!
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