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  1. If style is a factor Delgado is the runaway starter/captain over gilman.
  2. Concerned Texas Toast must be very frustrated right now that we insist on thinking before we pick.
  3. JDJ was labeled a heel because he wastes time extravagantly in every position.
  4. i love him too, someone threw out "no one has done more" and i reacted impulsively, as is only fair in reference to extreme statements.
  5. They are quite snakey. Though I am pretty sure the spirit of this topic is related to personality. I believe the consistent humbling it takes to improve at wrestling weeds out most of the real heels.
  6. That might have been in the back of conway's head, but I don't think he looked particularly like he was having such snakey thoughts. He certainly didn't wrestle like it.
  7. If lawrence had been sick and gotten pinned, would anyone care?
  8. I wouldn't normally bring up High School, but I wouldn't make up stuff for no reason either.
  9. Moral relativism was the equivalent. And it was between the comments. Not the individuals.
  10. It's just that he has a history of delaying success and playing petty games.
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