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  1. i'm pretty sure they were posting under "okiespladle" and "orangeandblack" and all those other idiots who disappeared the second Minny took over.
  2. I'll say this, i've never had announcers turn me against a team mid dual.
  3. People don't really care about the smaller cox when there are big cox around.
  4. I'm not saying he isn't tough compared to some guy sitting around at starbucks, I'm talking about being a national champion.
  5. I've never seen mcutcheon before. Is he small for the weight? Looks like kind of a chubby little devil compared to pfarr
  6. He was sitting behind storley pinching his ankles together.
  7. stall warning against brown absolutely appropriate. Announcer looking like an idiot.
  8. we need to stop talking about him he is hijacking the topic
  9. I'm trying to get my post count back up don't ruin it.
  10. If he is gonna act like a clown, he could at least be funny, not just smug.
  11. "As usual matt sorchinsky isn't aware of what is going on....for once the second ref does his job" This guy is a pompous dork.
  12. I am gonna kill this announcer with a car bomb. Beitz does and great job with two third period TDs and wins over short who was trying to win a one point match from the first whistle.
  13. well he is better than listening to shane sparks waste oxygen with his vapid nonsense.
  14. Dardanes majors moss Announcer whining, mark ironside almost attacked him at big tens once, i would love if they announced side by side. That would be better than the dual
  15. Gulibon outwrestled dardaness completely for 6:30. took about 12 legit shots to dardanes 2, Then kinda settled in and promptly was taken down.
  16. the PSU guy is announcing, the loud guy who is sometimes annoying. Real rough pull for minnesota starting at 133, gulibon is all over dardanes.
  17. Starting at 133....anyone want me to post the match results?
  18. I would like to add that I am extremely cautious about throwing around lame generalizations about toughness. James Green is probably tougher than me, but if you have to talk about the holes in his wrestling, his problem is that he quits. It's obvious. People talking about his technique on bottom are missing the point completely.
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