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  1. this is the funniest post i have ever seen
  2. is this thread advocating bringing zalesky back or trying to prove that life isn't fair?
  3. Well if they wrestle again in the next year or two I think you can say they will both be at their peak or close to it (Unless Zain is a multiple world champ which i actually think is gonna happen but thats a different discussion). Not Folk but I think its just as meaningful.
  4. How about that their fans often resort to addressing nonexistent criticisms about their program so they can feel smart?
  5. very good list. Was looking for Koll #1 to be honest.
  6. HS can we arrange for me to view you from a distance?
  7. 1) You "hearing" something doesn't make it true on any level. 2) Your operative question about his horsepower.....isn't the big question, in fact its the dumbest question you could relate to the issue.
  8. Martin is on the other side of Dean. Best possible draw.
  9. This topic should read "I'm still bitter about what Dean did to Ruths legacy"
  10. Odd that third hand meaningless information hasn't spurred a lot of respectful comments.
  11. Na the other guy. I hadn't heard of him at all, which is unusual for a guy getting such a high level job. Just wondering what his reputation was leading into the hire. obviously I can read a bio.
  12. I would have thought Dean before the world cup.
  13. Coxs' problem is that he's the poor mans snyder. His qualifications are the same but worse, and he's much more likely to get knocked off. So why talk about him? Additionally I'd add that even though I am in the Snyder for Hodge camp, if he got knocked off I would not be in the Cox for Hodge camp unless he had a great NCAA tournament, despite the arguments being identical.
  14. Nickal could get knocked off by a fairly random person. He's amazing for the sport, wonderful competitor, complete daredevil...but if he gives up a random 6 pointer there is no guarantee he can make up the deficit against a determined d1 wrestler. I am not gonna predict it at any point but if all the 'BO goes down?!?!?!?" drama hits its the dopes who will be making the most noise.
  15. not if you missed the other matches because you were in Siberia wrestling the best wrestlers on earth. Snyder might be the most amazing competitor in the history of USA Wrestling. I don't mind people saying he shouldn't get the hodge, but not because of his weak schedule.
  16. your logic sounds like you are talking about the NCAA OW. If someone owns every criteria but gets hurt and has a mediocre nationals but still wins should they not be allowed the hodge?
  17. Rankings are intended to reflect previous results. Not Predict future results.
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