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  1. Martin is on the other side of Dean. Best possible draw.
  2. This topic should read "I'm still bitter about what Dean did to Ruths legacy"
  3. Odd that third hand meaningless information hasn't spurred a lot of respectful comments.
  4. Na the other guy. I hadn't heard of him at all, which is unusual for a guy getting such a high level job. Just wondering what his reputation was leading into the hire. obviously I can read a bio.
  5. I would have thought Dean before the world cup.
  6. Coxs' problem is that he's the poor mans snyder. His qualifications are the same but worse, and he's much more likely to get knocked off. So why talk about him? Additionally I'd add that even though I am in the Snyder for Hodge camp, if he got knocked off I would not be in the Cox for Hodge camp unless he had a great NCAA tournament, despite the arguments being identical.
  7. Nickal could get knocked off by a fairly random person. He's amazing for the sport, wonderful competitor, complete daredevil...but if he gives up a random 6 pointer there is no guarantee he can make up the deficit against a determined d1 wrestler. I am not gonna predict it at any point but if all the 'BO goes down?!?!?!?" drama hits its the dopes who will be making the most noise.
  8. not if you missed the other matches because you were in Siberia wrestling the best wrestlers on earth. Snyder might be the most amazing competitor in the history of USA Wrestling. I don't mind people saying he shouldn't get the hodge, but not because of his weak schedule.
  9. your logic sounds like you are talking about the NCAA OW. If someone owns every criteria but gets hurt and has a mediocre nationals but still wins should they not be allowed the hodge?
  10. Rankings are intended to reflect previous results. Not Predict future results.
  11. you are saying he shouldn't win because of the quality of his competition? The matches you are talking about are JV matches to him.
  12. if I am ever wrong, please let me know.
  13. So, you admit to pretending to know i'm an idiot....making me a non-idiot?
  14. they'll take someone with a loss before heil
  15. shouldn't tbar be pretending to know something about now?
  16. The only thing I have seen this year that backs up the notion that Rutherford has lost a step from last year was him repeatedly jumping on Collica's back. I was really surprised that he wasn't confident enough to just cut him and earn a takedown. Unlike TBar who reduces everything to lame sports cliches, I actually listen very carefully to Cael when he talks, and one of the great philosphies I've picked up from him is "figure it out." First match....maybe ever he didn't seem to want to "figure it out", just wanted to get an ugly win and get out of there. But like i've said before wrestlings hard, they aren't all gonna be gems.
  17. ....how does my idiocy relate to you undermining the integrity of the hodge award?
  18. What whiny, absurd argument are you laying the grounds for with this comment?
  19. Because you can't steal a coach midseason. The question is why did tech get rid of him now? Because they don't trust him. Why did this go down mid season? To re-recruit the recruits. Why did Kevin jackson get fired mid season? I Have no idea....
  20. Um....i would just like to say that Jackson effectively being fired still doesn't prove he is a punk. When Marsteller got in trouble I didn't show up here saying "SEE I TOLD YOU HE WAS HIGHLY OVERRATED!"
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