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  1. He is saying glory to god because his perspective is that he is lucky to be able to compete. This attitude is integral to his toughness.
  2. oh, it was a completely random statement that happened to fall in the context of a thread about kyle snyder not wrestling in a dual meet for tOSU. Now I get you.
  3. You said "did john smith bail on his team", unless you were refereeing something completely unrelated to this thread that was a reference to snyder
  4. yeah. actually it was anti-logical because you referenced Snyder 'bailing' on his college team which didn't really happen.
  5. i just want to point that there isn't really any logic to this post, just posturing.
  6. Well apparently I'm in the minority, i consider basically all sports announcing to be cowardly, cheesy and uninsightful.
  7. You must WORSHIP Joe Buck thanks to those of you who clarified Ryans meaning. Seems pretty obvious in retrospect
  8. BoJo's ranking is definitely impacted by the fact that he was a great high school wrestler (college too obviously) and has been visible for a long time.
  9. A team is a one-for-all, and all-for-one proposition. To me this means that every member supports and wants whats best for every other member. Snyder is where he belongs and will return to supporting his teammates when he has done the right thing for himself, his country and the sport of wrestling. If he were in a cult, where individuality is obliterated, you would have a point.
  10. i just took it as evidence that shane sparks needs to start announcing beauty pageants
  11. Who heard shane sparks say that Tom Ryan insisted that Kyle Snyder would wrestle in ANY dual that helped tOSU at the NCAA individual tournament?
  12. no thats not true at all. He isn't getting a lot of chatter now that the season has started but it was a love fest from the trials till then.
  13. Dean will definitely be #1 (assuming he keep holds current pace or something similar).
  14. he participates on a part time basis because the other portion of time he is subjecting himself to an insane schedule so he can compete against the best wrestlers in the world. he isn't off playing the violin.
  15. You don't have to at all. Dean's win over ruth, retherfords win over steiber, and even Nolfs pin of Imar all separate them from Tomasello. Additionally all are more dominant than Tomasello. for the record i repeat that Snyder is the only choice.
  16. I think its more accurate to just figure out the average amount of team points per match.
  17. Deans schedule is harder and "point differential against ranked wrestlers" isn't a criteria. Strength of schedule, and dominance are.
  18. Yeah but it has to happen first. I think he is kind of an after thought at this point, but just because he of his overall career, not because of his wrestling this year.
  19. I think his hodge bid is securely above nolf martinez or retherford. Its not head and shoulders above, but I think he is officially superior in every criteria at this point. Unfortunately I am one of those who think Snyder is the only choice and was last year too...
  20. "that man can squeeze more words into the smallest thought of anyone i have ever met"
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