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  1. do you realize that the build up to your dumb question featured 1/2 dozen statements with no logical connection?
  2. thats not a statistic. the superficiality of your intellect shines again
  3. na, he isn't running for president or anything.
  4. It's open for debate how it could have possibly worked at all.
  5. You say that as if Nico Megalaudis isnt an eel. He couldn't be chest wrapped by Gatsalov. Vak is right it was one of the most appalling breaks with reality in recent memory.
  6. you don't know the Gilman cycle? Experience moderate success => Run Mouth Immoderately => Embarrass Self Its played out about 1/2 dozen times.
  7. The greatest injustice to marstellar is the band of bozos making excuses for him.
  8. Well maybe you should tell us what match you are talking about....
  9. I heard something similar, but its entirely possible both are true and essentially unrelated.
  10. just cause he might go juco it doesn't mean you have to insult him by throwing osu into the discussion.
  11. evidently he didn't want to pay for school
  12. Or maybe someone else made it up before me....but I'm pleased with myself anyway. "Insert Name" + "is so tough/cuts so much weight/is in such good shape"+ he rides his Airdyne home after practice.
  13. If OSU had any fans (besides KingKong whom I grudgingly admire) it would be them without a doubt.
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