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  1. Thank goodness for all those people who title topics "film of dave schultz teaching a trap arm with outstanding audio/video quality" and the first sentence is "Where can I find it". They kept me from biting on this.
  2. the scent of pouting overpowered it.
  3. I was watching a few videos of people working laces at the OTC on FLO, and couldn't help but think that I would be amazed if I saw any american at the world level piece together a lace from start to finish. This is not to say that there aren't a lot that could run a guys knees together from a TD (which i think is what lee did every match at worlds, or at least every match of his i saw) and lace that way. But on that note, why no forced Par terre anymore? It came out with the 2004 rules changes, what was the rationale?
  4. Can you condense that to about 100 words? I really don't feel like reading the whole thing
  5. Lee has to ask Fix where he is headed first.
  6. The funny thing is that your the one who "needs" to be right, when in reality you just happened to be, and the discussion was dragged out by the spastic mental gyrations of a third party...who obviously didn't want to be right at all.
  7. traditionally, when you're obviously wrong you admit it....
  8. Dave Hoffman shaved off his beard and won junior worlds, more to follow.
  9. that has nothing to do with you saying "He's in his 30s"
  10. I'm kinda glad sense the latter (not ladder right?) topic is potentially way more interesting. But people are gonna have to start getting thrown under the bus first...
  11. You didn't title this topic very appropriately.
  12. Didn't he beat travis lange? must have been the following year
  13. It's amazing how soft you are. flying off the handle like a chick cause i said "someone might think it's a bad sign." Talk about a whiner....
  14. omg he's a great leader now too....Spencer E. Lee
  15. a casual observer might think his bouncing around is a bad sign.
  16. #cletusdoesn'tknowwhathe'stalkingabout
  17. Stieber is 70 pounds bigger than Lee
  18. You're right cletus, coleman scott shouldn't drop to 57K so he can attempt his dream of being an olympic champion because he think it's a poor example to others.
  19. aviator no one will read a post that long
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