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  1. It's his life dude. You have no right to get on a soap box, throw around words like anoriexia, which is a psychological condition and has nothing to do with this, and make extravagant claims about how this is going to impact anyone but him. It's also extremely naive of you to act like he would have any success up a weight.
  2. Its not just that they are 110 pounders, they are all guys looking to make senior world teams in a hurry, and being at the nonexistent baby weight doesn't help that. WrestlingNerds assertion that his lace is better than Schultz's is just ridiculous, we are out of the excited realm and into the weirdo/uncle/troll realm.
  3. No I am thinking it needs to be more of a full blown jihad.....
  4. Well you said in another topic that his leg lace is the best since John Smith's.....can we make up our minds on what type of deity the kid is? This church is gonna need a reformation sooner rather than later if we can't even agree what our golden calf's best moves are!
  5. Yeah well Nickal was too classes older.......as opposed to being in the same grade.
  6. Shuck is the most likeable guy on the forum....JH splits the difference between wrestlingnerd.
  7. the thing about blair is that national preps is essentially their state tournament, and they have attended NJ Prep States, which I thought mocco won, not sure if they still do
  8. i'll let this speak for itself....
  9. You're posts make me think about what it would be like to live in North Korea and be bombarded with redundant nonsensical propaganda all day.
  10. Yeah but he's not the head coach so he doesn't determine the lineup, get it?
  11. You misunderstand, I'm saying schultz had a better leg lace than SPENCER LEE has today.
  12. I'm taking Scott. Hope Tony can handle that without freaking out.
  13. word on Tsardouch? I know its been discussed but i didn't keep up
  14. hard pressed to find a bolder post with less facts or knowledge worked in.
  15. Mark Perry isn't the head coach of Illinois
  16. Between the people complimenting someone every time they take a loss well, and the people lining up to compliment Joey McKenna for admitting he missed weight I'm pretty sure America is doomed.
  17. The posts about spenser lee are getting stupider and stupider....
  18. Dave Schultz is since John Smith. This capricious fawning needs to end.....
  19. Mike Evans v Logan Storley would have been amazing.
  20. its surprising to me too but I doubt iMarts mentality is quite the same as ours....
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