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  1. Well in defense of the assertion, PSU's reputation in this regard is the product of freak athletes, which Iowa just now seems to be getting interested in. If you watch Cory Clark wrestle Jimmy Gulibon it's a right on comment. Basically you can't just compare their high profile guys, it holds a lot more water when you think of ten weights standing across from ten weights.
  2. well lee can't move up a weight if fix is there
  3. At National Duals that year Iowa wrestled Missouri and they sat Perry. Askren laughed at him before pinning the back up.
  4. so you don't think those guys engage in fan mentality?!?!?
  5. is this post meant to be a mesh of rumors circulated through pure fan mentality?
  6. common Vak you're going down the hype river a little head first.
  7. Sorry I am gonna talk about dieringer/Martinez first if its cool
  8. He was just so confident he thought he could decide he had wrestled enough. He didn't even seem that concerned when he got shucked by.
  9. i've said it a bunch of times, i don't know why perry gets credit for every thing that happens in that room.
  10. not if he runs....just kidding i doubt he's afraid.
  11. i don't know how you can claim to not even comprehend the experience of missing weight, and not think you can blame him a little for stepping on the scale exactly on. But regardless I don't think anyone has to say anything about it, kid competes and travels non stop, which is much more of grind than just training, so i'm sure he's motivated and taking this as hard or harder than he should.
  12. I was never a big fan of that maxim. No thinking person assumes all good wrestlers are good coaches, but despite that it correlates a lot better than assuming the worse you are at wrestling the better you are at coaching...So it kinda splits the difference between a straw man argument a useless piece of information.
  13. Idle curiosity, is Buxton on staff out there?
  14. thats why the regional training centers were such a huge thing for USA wrestling.
  15. Many college coaching staffs are drastically more dysfunctional than they appear. It's not just about ego, its about business, and the conflict between egos/business/whats best for the athletes. It takes extreme maturity for four or five guys to keep all these things balanced and work together.
  16. It's repetitive, sanitized, phony, and features a complete lack of visual or psychological spectacle.
  17. so was the room so sour all those guys left because Perry left? Did they leave because of him and he got fired for it? Does he just not want to be a college coach? Odd given his statements in his documentary. Is he moving to an island to fight for the safety issues associated with falling coconuts? I'm very intrigued.
  18. If Perry leaves, this all reflects very poorly on someone. If not I'll accept it as a coincidence.
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