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  1. it might be if ISU had sniffed Iowa in a decade...
  2. Something is rotten in Champaign.....
  3. Something is rotten in denmark.....
  4. I would say that Jenkins is the most overrated wrestler in the history of the NCAA, if not for remembering he beat Darrion Caldwell, who i think was pretty great. I still can't quit process that he cradled taylor like that, it was so bizarre and anti-climatic feeling. I think fittery and st. john are both better than Jenkins, and would say taylors wins aren't very flashy, but he is defined more by bonus pointing guys like Kokesh.
  5. I was just musing about the logistics. There are some fascinating quirks to having duals under such bizarre circumstances.
  6. Under mat heaters aren't gonna do anything but keep the mats from being hard as rocks
  7. It's a lot better than the recruiting ones
  9. I'm not convinced Green won't medal, but even if he does it doesn't make him a tougher folkstyle wrestler. This stuff about Eggum and especially Vering is complete nonsense. But honestly I guess I can't claim to not be impressed (in the context of the conversation) with Trenge and Eggum, sense their reputations rest on different foundations, so I wouldn't be arguing honestly if I didn't admit one....I probably just got annoyed when someone said "Cael was just that good" as if they were the first to figure it out.
  10. It was Eric Olanowski who was DQ'd wrestling Johni Dejuliois to my recollection...
  11. is brewer staying down? I heard he was a sleeper last year because he spent the whole year getting down to weight...
  12. You are the one who started this by saying we needed to consider the toughness of the opponents Cael faced! IMHO his opponents were weaker than Stieber's also.
  13. Trenge was also a massive head case who couldn't handle tough matches. Plus he could have wrestled in a wheel chair and it wouldn't have had any relevance to the conversation. He's not "top tier" competition, and I can say that because it's just a term you made up. Eggum and Cormier fall under the james green category. I'm really optimistic about him this fall...regardless he was never a gritty folkstyle wrestler (I won't fault eggum for lack of grittiness but regardless free is not folk). Anyway, your own analysis puts his competition at middling when you consider the ultra high standards of competition faced by 4x NCAA champions, so I rest my case on your conclusions.
  14. I was a huge fan and know it better than you do I bet, but if you take the finals victories of the four time NCAA champs, he's pretty mediocre. 2-2-3 is an amazing achievement, but I don't really think his ceiling as a competitor was that high, but he reached it really quickly. Sorry for the extremely nuanced opinion, but I don't think Cael faced an exceptionally tough field.
  15. The only names on that list are Eggum and Hahn, you forgot cormier though.
  16. based on the three or so matches of caels I have seen from his freshmen year, he improved drastically not just in ability but in terms of developing his style. If IMar shows up next year and halfway through the season we realize that what we saw this year was just raw talent COMPARED what he was obviously becoming (which is how i would describe Cael from freshmen to sophomore year), I'd have no trouble saying he goes unbeaten. And it doesn't seem far fetched either, as scary as IMar was last year, he wasn't dismantling guys on the strength of an air tight system no one could beat, he was just made everyone he wrestled look weak and stupid. Very excited to see him.
  17. I don't think trenge came closer than 6-1? I remember him saying he wrestled him once and ran from him once. Did better running if i remember correctly.
  18. the trends within technique are not a function of the higher truths of wrestling. They are as inevitable and frivolous as the latest fashion trends.
  19. I anticipate the crowd who doesn't believe in coaching at the college level being all over the "front headlocks aren't effective" argument. This isn't a fair answer to your questions but I anticipate anyone who denies the effectiveness or relevance of the move is probably refusing to recognize it under any circumstances but the most methodical. Re-shots and hitting ankles off small angles is very much in vogue now, but these attacks are coming off of FHL positions extremely often.
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