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  1. or wait.....he might have been winning by virtue of gomez being cautioned. I believe they both had all twos and last point only comes into play with identical scoring
  2. metcalf was winning 8-8 by virtue of the last point scored
  3. Anyone who saw the match knows survival wasn't on Metcalfs mind.
  4. I'm not gonna make jokes about her nasty snatch single.
  5. how do we figure out when the men are wrestling? I feel like a heel asking but I gotta plan my day
  6. i kinda doubt they would go to the same place...Suriano looks like his biological age is about 35 and Lee claims he's a natural 110 pounder right now.
  7. Honestly I just throw that out there to see who gets agitated. He was overrated though, by virtue of being considered #1 overall when he probably wasn't the best kid at his weight. PS who called him a bust? Everyone is so soft these days if you don't ride every hype train feelings get hurt.
  8. by the way, frank molinaro was a more effective leg rider than the perry brothers.
  9. aren't dave schultz and mike sheets the pioneers in this area?
  10. You beat me to it! PS you are a troll!
  11. Yeah but then you have marstellar who was really overrated and maintained his status by not traveling.
  12. Would it be better or worse if chandler turned out to be a complete success and Minkle was surprising him for 20 years..
  13. How effective is he going to as a lame duck coach.....-.5 points might be a pipe dream.
  14. Yeah varner obviously has more upside given his insanely boring style and being much older.
  15. I've been critical of tOSU mailing it in two years ago, but I'm impressed by this decision and I think it shows Ryan puts the athletes first. You guys can forgo the Hunter Stieber jokes.
  16. Green is much better suited to freestyle. He is not a very gritty wrestler and it cost him in folk, but we (or at least I) should rethink dismissing him as a threat at worlds.
  17. interestingly, i heard Mason Manville will represent his third state at Fargo this year.
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