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  1. Ref and announcer were horrible...Cornell is my favorite team and these two kinda screwed up the dual for me.
  2. It doesn't matter to me at all that Iowa made it obvious. I don't know what you are talking about in regards to glory trying to make weight and not, I haven't been able to keep up on the gossip the last few days. Are you saying Glory came to wrestle, missed weight and I am incorrect for giving Ayers credit? If that's the case then you are right. If Iowa snubbed their guest by denying them the marquee match and doubling down on the insult with the condescending gesture of pretending they were flattering them with a back up, that's absolutely gross and Ayers was right to take a dump on their product right after they did. If Iowa is gonna hurt their own program why should Ayers prop it up. Please don't give this "Huh" stuff unless you really don't understand.
  3. My two cents is that this is gross on Iowa's part. And good for Ayers not putting anyone out there. I can't believe I am saying that but Ayers not giving them that match is appropriate.
  4. Your always trying to spin your lame, superficial analysis into some mean spirited knock on the people in your head.....
  5. you're arguing as if we all agreed the best folkstyle weights are determined by freestyle world medals won a decade later.....
  6. more of a vocabulary lesson but of course i'm not one to quibble about such things...
  7. Flo just seems like they are doubling down on the wrong things....
  8. Would anyone else be astonished if vito or yianni wrestled a weight higher than they weighed in? That's high school stuff with very rare exceptions. The other thing I learned from this discussion is 141 is way harder than 149...
  9. he's just lucky rogers hornsby was a national league guy
  10. Yeah there are so many holes in this argument I don't know where to start....depth, the fact that Gable trumps all three of those guys badly, the fact that gwiz has lost to multiple younger guys in my group, the fact that my group is much younger than yours, the fact that the only reason you can mention Coon is because he beat snyder and he only beat snyder because he was 200 lbs heavier...
  11. I'm getting the feeling the coaching staff is keeping him in the picture to keep their consciences clean, but we are gonna end up with with GD at 125 and Vito at 133...
  12. Thats all good. I'd say the Cael comparison doesn't hold because he was in the process of completing an undefeated career, but guys like Taylor I can say I was pretty bored watching him smoke everybody and would much rather see him on the senior level(even though he came off a loss)...I think I feel the same way about Steveson except I'm even less excited because he isn't gonna be as entertaining as Taylor due to the fact that he's a heavyweight (even though he's as exciting as almost any heavyweight ever). The fact that he's not even going into international wrestling after makes me less interested still.... But yeah he's beatable like everyone else, hopefully he takes an L and the weights gets super interesting.
  13. Does anyone know anything about Dom Lajoie? I saw he's a team captain, but has he ever beaten anyone? Not trying to run the guy down, just curious if the staff is motivated to keep this guy in the lineup. G Diakomahalis hasn't beaten anyone either but from a fans perspective you'd think they'd be more motivated to find him a spot based on HS results. If those guys actually weigh in at lower weights i'd be amazed if that isn't the plan going forward.
  14. I don't know that I'm persuaded by this example..... If Jaggers leadership was gonna do the trick I think it would have already.
  15. You don't have to, i'm just not gonna take a bunch of snarky remarks on the subject. Someone get back on the topic jeeze
  16. duel is the correct word. "Dual" is an adjective. The misconception stems from people saying "dual meet".
  17. I have to say I don't. I think great assistants really lift programs, so if Jaggers was the solution it would already be masking what I am seeing now. If I thought tOSU was going to do better with Jaggers, I'd have to assume he was a better CEO type coach than Ryan, and I think Ryan is the ultimate CEO type coach.
  18. 125: Latona dec Heinselman (3-0) 133: Myers maj Koontz (7-0) 141: Gerardi dec Decatur (10-0) 149: Sasso dec Andonian (10-3) 157: Brady dec Hubbard (13-3) 165: Kharchla maj Ulrey (13-7) 174: Lewis dec Smith (16-7) 184: Bolen maj Jordan (20-7) 197: Hoffman dec Howard (20-10) 285: Orndorff dec Traxler (20-13 Tech) If they put in gallagher I'll take him by decision making it 17-16 VT. I think this is gonna be a really good duel, some of you know I am critical of tOSU (i don't hate them, i just don't think they are well coached), so you can all call me an idiot if my predictions get blown up.
  19. It was actually the time he thought that scenario was possible.
  20. I'm gonna watch him, but his presence result in us exchanging a dramatic, season long run and gun battle for the heavyweight title with people forfeiting matches at the conference tournament to knock themselves into contention for the 6 seed at NCAAs.... Best case would be for him to take a loss or two and then the weight would really be exciting.
  21. Who said "fair"? Its the best heavyweight class ever, the only knock on it is that there is a prohibitive favorite. It'd be more fun if it was wide open.
  22. Who cares if wrestles in the NCAA, I'd rather see the other guys sort it out...
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