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  1. no it was ripped off from some gay song.....
  2. Why'd he leave? Snyder is a freak he could have done that at a dozen schools.
  3. I think they are good. If i'm not mistaken no Rashidov Musakeav otoguru aleiv punia.....
  4. the best part of the olympics, for me, was when they announced he is a cross country skier......how long does that take?
  5. yeah and then he decided his training situation sucked and left.
  6. I'm just glad someone is taking the discussion seriously at last. Things in Dakes favor that don't translate to counting medals(and i don't think counting medals is a great metric, but its better than just liking the guy and making stuff up) 1) He owns him head to head (you mentioned) 2) Dake just beat Burroughs twice without much suspense, and excuse me for not conducting a poll but there are plenty who think Burroughs 5 titles in a non soviet era make him the best USA wrestler of all time.
  7. I don't know so i'm gonna ask, you know we are in total agreement on this right? I'm not saying they dont perform, just that they should perform better based on what they are working with.
  8. tOSU always has some sob story about a guy at the wrong weight anyway so all good.
  9. can you expand, i tried to look him up on trackwrestling put that website is horrible...
  10. this struck me as weird at first glance but you are probably right...kids who look like lou ferrigno don't tend to have growth spurts.
  11. No...I'm saying that its stupid to argue that the only variable in the entire discussion favoring Taylor should determine the entire argument just cause someone is his fanboy. Its willful ignorance.
  12. Yeah but I haven't said anything dumb....you have.
  13. Again...you are going all out on a false premise, which is lying in my book. or dumb
  14. Yeah obviously you would claim that, your intellectually dishonest argument is based on that point. The problem is that you are trying to gerrymander all of recorded history around one loss, and you would have to be in idiot or a liar to think that was a valid way of thinking.
  15. yeah...you are a liar or really dumb in a really convenient way.
  16. wow the one talking point that made the discussion possible at all.....
  17. The most charitable thing you can say for taylor is that he is better at wrestling, but not at winning.
  18. oh sorry, thanks mr poopy butthole, you've always been a good friend.
  19. no i looked that up too. seems 5% of covid people with symptoms get pneumonia. I had no clue. I don't think this undermines any of my wider philosophical beliefs but I learned something.
  20. na I looked into it you and fletcher were right. sorry for wasting time.
  21. Its a consequence of people fetishizing things based on flimsy information. I'm sorry you are taking this all so personally but I'm not convinced I was wrong in either instance.
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