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  1. Yeah I like it. Rokfin that is.
  2. I had an account already. Basically Willy doesn't think Flo is good at telling the truth
  3. na it was of the three stooges getting stuck in a doorway.
  4. trying to post a gif of the transfer portal....not working
  5. yeah he seemed like a soldier, and mizzu is such a solid program....
  6. No I made up him talking to his coaches to make him look bad.......give it up dude.
  7. Just admit you had not point and were being a tool.
  8. Again what was "blown up". No one knows what you are talking about.
  9. Whats your point? He said he is going 97, now he is acting like he doesn't know. You post like you made a point but you didn't...
  10. Casey Stengel, "Forget the other fellow, Walter Johnson. The Jewish kid is probably the best of them." I am taking Stengel's word for it.
  11. Sandy Koufax retired when he was at his peak and arguably the best pitcher ever, his reason was that he wouldn't be able to buy back the use of his arm when he was done pitching. Brands' style was a really taxing way to train/wrestle. Dave Schultz had a style that was suited for longevity, Tom Brands not so much.
  12. Why would FRL break precedent and provide new information.....
  13. https://www.trackwrestling.com/PortalPlayer.jsp?TIM=1572974843261&twSessionId=xdljkbeqql&videoId=1713191132 Later in the interview he says he has to ask his coaches what weight he is going to go.
  14. yeah lemme see if I can find it.....
  15. Less and less satire in these mudflap posts, pretty straight editorializing.
  16. Unless he didn't really quit.
  17. Interesting he just blurted it out on twitter as opposed to having a coordinated announcement with Flo.....
  18. If he was planning on going d1, wouldn't JUCO make way more sense than d3?
  19. Ryan would have recruited that terrorist we just killed if he had the bubonic plague.
  20. Flo is also obsessed 25 WAY worse wrestlers.
  21. Bo started out claiming he was going 97 and has since backed off, saying he doesn't know yet....
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