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  1. I'd love to see the DM pyles is ending suriano right now..... If this doesn't get confirmed soon I'd say thats good news. Mineo would be easy and desirable to screw with.
  2. You are just saying what I said now
  3. OMG you are saying he shouldn't clear it up under any circumstances? How are people getting offended by "he might want to clear that up". take it is easy karen.
  4. this might be the best post in the history of the forum
  5. Did the Flo bros look at the seeds and through together a bracket?
  6. A) obviously is he does that my reactions will be very positive. B) For reasons I have already mentioned I don't see the comparison between going into professional sports and going into the WWE. I am just giving my reaction folks, I already said that he knows more about what he is doing than I do, I'm sorry I don't consider it a social obligation to say everything Steveson does is great.
  7. My whole point is that its not a pragmatic decision. He is also abandoning a free education....which I am sure you think is great.
  8. you have no clue what you are talking about.
  9. Not even football? Not even the worst one?
  10. What does that have to do with steveson? I already said lesnar might have recommended it but he's an extreme minority in the WWE, way more marketable, graduated college, fought MMA forever, had a whole bunch of endorsements......you're saying this is all guaranteed to steveson? or are you saying he is gonna make more money despite all lesnars advantages.
  11. Idk what its like now but for the vast majority of that company it was a horrible job. Obscene travel, drug abuse, injuries for all but a select few who got rich. But he has lesnars ear so I assume he knows better than me. I guess my core thought that was its sorta gross he wants out of competition.
  12. I started the topic to make a dumb joke, but on a serious note why on earth does steveson want to be in the WWE?
  13. I was waiting for the incomprehensibly dumb post to drop.....
  14. I see what you mean but I wasn't basing my conception of the staffs on a single year. I'm not ignoring anything I am just saying they ignore half the team.
  15. His nemesis Ferrari is already better at the WWE schtick than he is....
  16. I don't really think its a conclusive argument either but its worth pointing out. Their best year all their finalists were champs. They get the most talented kids and do very little some of them. As far as Iowa being the only team worthy of comparison, that only makes sense if we are including recruiting as part of the coaching process, which is fine if you want, but if we are talking about who does the most with the talent they have its not PSU.
  17. Your not gonna watch the watch party?
  18. Having four champs and getting 2nd takes them OUT of the discussion for best staff.
  19. Giving it to 2 people is dumb.
  20. It wouldn't be such a bad look if not for the fact that their big guns in the college room look to be already burnt and don't have great freestyle resumes (with the exception of Lee).
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