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  1. Hadn't seen anything on the subject...
  2. Well I won't be jumping down anyones throat about his dark horse status thats for sure.
  3. didn't know that so no leg to stand on for me(you mean ness pinned Buto right?). However, I would rather wrestle a guy i knew I could pin, or beat on toughness.
  4. Should Bo have given up a wrist or should isaac have let him out? I don't mind you advocating a double stalling call, or saying "hit somebody" for that matter, but its kinda tricky naming the person to hit. We seem to want stalling calls but the refs we hate are the ones affect the match. I see you're point but it was obvious to me that both were trying very hard to win the match.
  5. Brooks, Bulter, Palacio, Richards, Ashnault are in no way dark horses.
  6. If he wrestling at Nebraska he would be a lot worse
  7. NO WAY Ness wants Realbuto over green.
  8. absolutely not. I haven't watched it lately but I did not think it was stalling at the time. Why do you say that? Everyone loves aggressive wrestling, but aggressive wrestling doesn't mean you wrestle like you have to score every five seconds. It's always a chess match at some level. Watch the ride trenge put on cael in his last college match.
  9. I think they were both wrestling to be honest. Isaac's thigh pry was obviously extremely heavy. I think neither was gonna panic and give up a position, but the reality is that when it looked like they were stalling they were actually two coiled springs wound up together. It's hard too see pressure.
  10. Tosh had a great angle to an ankle shot, rode a back hook and inside wrist to get riding time. Snyder didn't do much.
  11. i still think you are asking the wrong questions. The kid he beat in his last match had one (rather bizarre) high school loss.
  12. why do you make mean spirited comments against the kids iowa is wrestling?
  13. I'll give another perspective which is opposite and more valid than my first. He's ranked third. the kid is awesome, not everyone gets to be #1.
  14. His regression is on him. All this talk about Iowa and Blair, as if Tom Brands and Jeff Buxton hurt his wrestling, is ridiculous.
  15. 174 is just deeper than either one of those.
  16. tOSU isn't very well coached. Their staff is good, not great.
  17. Perhaps he made great decisions (which he did), but he is the problem and doesn't deserve to be the national champ. Being great a great bully isn't the same being a great wrester.
  18. Why do those two get bye's to the semi's? hardly seems fair.
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