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  1. The grease in Eric Guerrero's hair leaked into his eyes and he couldn't read the rules properly.
  2. Despite the fact that I pointed out that waters was a punk on other topics.....no one mentioned whatever you are referring to
  3. You're right about Tomasello Carter beats out Dardanes because he has a way more wide open style. If the question was who was more like a Brands, dardanes takes it.
  4. Na, his Moore placement is accurate. Don't mistake disappointment for lack of potential.
  5. Well could you start your own topic about that? You've made mine boring, and I thought it would be a fun way to figure out who to watch.
  6. somethings off thats for sure
  7. No i explained what i meant in the initial post. If the label Iowa Style bothers you, everyone knows its a term based on style not location.
  8. 125: Tyler Cox 133: Cory Clark (his recklessness barely puts him over Dardanes) 141: Devin Carter 149: ....Houdashelt? 157: Ian Miller 165: Dylan Palacio 174: I can't pick one 184: Gabe Dean 197: Scott Schiller 285: Gwiz I know Iowa Style means different things to different people, I am picking the guys who prioritize attacking over any other consideration.
  9. I would have assumed there is no way you can not weigh in at conference and wrestle at NCAAs
  10. Once you are the associate head, you're not an under appreciated assistant!
  11. To my astonishment I heard his name announced at the Virginia Duals, I wheeled around and sure enough there he was wrestling for Nebraska Kearney I think, I think he lost the ensuing match.
  12. America isn't wussified by intolerance of violence. Its wussified by people who run around being "offended".
  13. Waters is frequently unsportsmanlike. If he wrestled for Iowa his reputation would be as bad as Gilmans was pre-slam.
  14. Why were you determined to be angry about the interview in advance?
  15. Do you realize that people don't often go into interviews for the sake of being scolded and humiliated? JB isn't validating or condemning any behavior, he is putting on a show. If you want to see people embarrassed watch the Bachelor or something.
  16. I'm trying to like iowa...then i see their fans trying to emulate their worst characteristics.
  17. cox ain't winning it with an all star loss. If Carter/Port/Dardanes make logan look bad twice between em, and Dieringer embarrasses jordan, thats the recipe for someone else to get it.
  18. The element that is missing from this convo is that Waters is a punk too.....
  19. He's a true sophmore, he doesn't have to crush top five guys yet...
  20. not necessarily he just can't think of three better.
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