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  1. So evans isn't a D-Bag, because it's entertaining to watch?
  2. Last seasons he had a month long concussion, torn mcl, and torn meniscus (back to back to back). So it was hard to make a dent.
  3. so palacio got a team point take away and evans didn't. Cornell wasn't gonna win anyway but this is obnoxious.
  4. Evans just doesn't like it when people wrestle back. Which would look better if he did anything himself.
  5. They did in HS too but i've never seen it enforced
  6. I don't think it did, I think the refs messed up two calls in Grey/Clark. But no one is complaining about that.
  7. No they act like no one picked them to win this dual. I did the math beforehand and thought it was a long shot even if Realbuto beat Ness. And I think they are they best D1 program (I hope you'll believe me when I say that I would have said this anytime asked for years, as opposed to just when they look good)
  8. Look at the cover of FLO, "Realbuto beats Ness As EIWA crashes party" Looks very similar to two headlines as opposed to one.
  9. if you are bashing Micah I am just gonna snap and call you a troll.
  10. At the very least, this dual hammers home how unbelievably well Cornell develop their kids. I would be careful about trying to observe any patterns about the gophers though, people tend to freak out and call you a troll no matter how mildly you frame them.
  11. Realbuto wrestled dieringer closer on one leg than ness did
  12. Makes more sense than the inverse....
  13. Whose better Paul Jenn (RIP) or Cael Sanderson?
  14. This is not a purple heart, but I tore my MCL once and after-the-fact recall being god it was my lead leg.
  15. you guys talk about these people as if everyone should be #1.
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