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  1. Makes more sense than the inverse....
  2. Whose better Paul Jenn (RIP) or Cael Sanderson?
  3. This is not a purple heart, but I tore my MCL once and after-the-fact recall being god it was my lead leg.
  4. you guys talk about these people as if everyone should be #1.
  5. I'll say jordan beats him. Strong enough, stingy enough, annoying from top. He's gonna sneak one in.
  6. I do enjoy thinking of the board as a comedy of errors. Richard deus ex Machimmel coming down to scold us makes it even more charming.
  7. ....Thanks. A little out of nowhere but ok. (this was a response to a disappeared post)
  8. yeah it probably just cause we're being divas.
  9. I broke chasden with 4 words.....is he the missing third alton?
  10. Was he favoring a limb this time? I've never seen them behave as if injured before.
  11. I think it is worth saying that quitting is a bit of a wild card...(so they both mattered, one may have been less meaningful)
  12. So they don't believe in the Minnesota Ceiling over there either?
  13. Thats a new one, retreating for fear of a semantic argument developing.
  14. The semantic argument has been delivered to me! As if on a platter!
  15. I framed them as inflammatory and summary. And consequently didn't expect such smug responses. What exactly was the thoughtful response that i rejected outright?
  16. Then refs will never call stalling on the bottom guy
  17. By your definition David Taylor was a dark horse his junior year. I would certainly agree that the match with richards marked the transition.
  18. You have to be anonymous going into the tourney to be a dark horse.
  19. no one knows what you are talking about.
  20. Does BoJo have a full name? I'm sick of these philosophical uncertainties leaking unto the board...
  21. When I said complete i meant more like he was a Whole Foods/Pharmacy/Garage/Pizza Delivery in one. Not something comparable to Kum-N-Go.
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