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  1. So you won't address my argument, and based on your response don't understand it, but you will use my own modesty as an argument against it. Real clever of you.
  2. The question i would ask is if his style was anywhere near as well refined as it is now. His wrestling has a wonderful quality of completeness to it.
  3. Well first you need to find some semantics so I can run some tests on them and see if they even exist.
  4. I'm not certain of my premise but, listing a bunch of all american finishes and acting as if i said they don't produce good wrestlers isn't relevant. If someone took Iowa AA's from this time period, and calculated the average improvement in NCAA placement per year, and it was the same as Minny they would have point. When I look at this I see a lot of guys (Sanders, Yohn, vega steinhaus, volkman) who I could reasonably claim stopped improving early and crept up the podium as a result of wrestlers graduating. Maybe this opinion is just some prejudice i developed but most of the responses to it at this point are coming from people who don't even understand what I am saying.
  5. "Cheap cartoons are what stupid people use to rape children" -Abraham Lincoln (this is a joke/satire)
  6. If thats how you think i can recommend a random number generator for you to admire.
  7. Cornell PS, it's obvious that hindsight is 20/20, that doesn't make it meaningless.
  8. I did a quick once over on minny from last year. emphasis on the quick, and I made up a scoring system on the fly. 125 DNQ 133 8th/5th +3 141 6th DNP 0 149 2nd DNP -7 157 9th/2th 0 165 15th/7th +8 174 6th/3rd +11 184 7th/5th +13 197 4th/3rd +14 285 1st/2nd +13 You were right, I had no idea Minny outperformed last year. They must be great at peaking!
  9. I wouldn't have thought that but I probably didn't pay as much attention after the first day. Honestly i pal around with some big mind haters. But did they? Whats the breakdown? I should know sense i talk about it but i don't.
  10. my bad back to the IOWA/PSU peaking topic.
  11. thanks god i stumbled upon it before you implemented semantic quarrels
  12. I wouldn't expect a minnesota fan to understand peaking....
  13. Hasek's key tactic in this discussion is crowbarring in logical regressions and squeezing a lot of words into small thoughts to seem smarter.....
  14. No it's actually very useful at predicting results so we can't continue until we reconcile that point.
  15. You guys denying peaking at absolutely wrong.
  16. I regards to Moore, the CONSTANT mentioning in the form of articles and announcers comments of him basically being benched by a perplexed coaching staff cannot have helped.
  17. This years lack of bright spots points to something seriously wrong in Norman. Did all the transfers put them in an awkward scholarship situation?
  18. He attacks the body so hard it's not that difficult to imagine Thielke being a bad style match up.
  19. Commitment is a big word to be throwing around. I assume you meant to the shot.
  20. Where did this clark lost 4 in a row thing come from?
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