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  1. I didn't even say iowa wasn't the best! I just pointed out the places Iowa is little nervous! And everyone who currently nestled up my butt seems to agree with me because all they have to say is that other teams have more question marks. You'd think I called them holes or something. The real story here is how paranoid and insecure this success and #1 ranking has made some of the Iowa faithful.
  2. They're just not definite point scorers at nationals. Everyone is so sensitive on here.
  3. Iowa will not shut out this dual for the same reason they are gonna be a shaky #1 headed into nationals (if they are). They have ? at 141, 157, 165. Sorry plas i don't have a meaningful historical perspective.
  4. Ah poop you're right. I did say that. I was kinda arguing from the perspective of the old NON WRESTLING subject days. You win I was poorly thought out.
  5. "My comment was only for those that seem to think Sorenson doesn't have a chance on this one or that H is just way too much for him" Positing imaginary questions for the sake of winning arguments on the forum is close enough to lying for my taste. I guess you don't take such things seriously.
  6. Pushing out of bounds has a practical purpose. tattoos don't
  7. I am gonna second kendrick maple. Barring ignorance of some rare disease, I don't think I've ever seen someone take their foot off as the pedal as abruptly as he did.
  8. Did your mind reading or crystal ball tell you this? PS no one said S doesn't have a chance. You don't have to lie to fit in.
  9. People like to throw around the word troll when they don't want to consider your logic.
  10. This chris phillips kid sounds like a great prospect!
  11. If style is a factor Delgado is the runaway starter/captain over gilman.
  12. Concerned Texas Toast must be very frustrated right now that we insist on thinking before we pick.
  13. JDJ was labeled a heel because he wastes time extravagantly in every position.
  14. i love him too, someone threw out "no one has done more" and i reacted impulsively, as is only fair in reference to extreme statements.
  15. They are quite snakey. Though I am pretty sure the spirit of this topic is related to personality. I believe the consistent humbling it takes to improve at wrestling weeds out most of the real heels.
  16. That might have been in the back of conway's head, but I don't think he looked particularly like he was having such snakey thoughts. He certainly didn't wrestle like it.
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