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  1. Moral relativism was the equivalent. And it was between the comments. Not the individuals.
  2. It's just that he has a history of delaying success and playing petty games.
  3. i don't think sorenson can hang with houdashelt. I won't bore everyone by saying how impressed i am with him, but H is far beyond him as a chain wrestler and creating his own offense. Gilman will beat waters, who will not be in the NCAA finals.
  4. I agree with you, just clarifying, I didn't say he was good.
  5. There is nothing wrong with putting lizak out there. They have 5 seniors, may not contend next year, need to put the best team out they can. He can redshirt next year.
  6. I almost started this topic about a month ago. No one mentions the importance of march more after his team looks awful every other month.
  7. I think such behavior is meaningful, but i have no respect for the people who are "offended" by it.
  8. I really doubt he is that bad a guy, he's just stupid in a very specific way.
  9. not facetious just ignorant and obnoxious.
  10. Cause he is kinda saucy. He rubbed the fact that Green was broken in his face, which was really not necessary i am sure green wasn't feeling very robust in the first place.
  11. There was a certain air of astonishment, caused by one of them taking a shot, that probably affected the refs judgement.
  12. Gilman is not good enough to be pulling this stuff. Especially right before he is gonna wrestle someone he can essentially bully on physical strength alone.
  13. no welch vs Demas? More BS Cowardly coaching moves?
  14. How dare you make excuses for someone being a hot dog.
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