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  1. I don't mind welch his mentality or his guts, he just never seemed to do anything the easy way. St. John beat him entirely on just being basic and stingy, for which welch had no answer. Doesn't smack of great coaching to me. I am really not that down on Northwestern, or at least wouldn't be if they didn't seem to get so much credit. I think they do similar things to Nebraska, in more difficult circumstances for sure, but nebraska isn't just kinda left alone as far as commentary on this board goes.
  2. I think there is a 5% chance an particular freshmen makes the finals. But about 40 freshmen will qualifying, so I am going to multiply .05 x 40 which equals 2%. There is a 1 in 50 chance any freshmen makes the finals. So take the big three from OSU, .02/40 = .005 Kyle Snyder has a 1 in three hundred thousand chance to make the finals.
  3. No one seems to know if mustaches are a complete joke, the a statement of hyper masculinity, or the result of an awful personality....
  4. Someone said stutzman, why? I would have put him towards the middle.
  5. How could that be the original problem given the threads title...
  6. Well we're gonna have to rename Bo "The Cross Body Messiah" or something, maybe even put together some iconography of him with his left leg in on a crucifix and his left underhooking it.
  7. Lets just name them all after greek gods while we are at it.
  8. MSU i wasn't being nearly as aggressive as you thought. About the math thing, i was referring to the 25% x 4 equals 75% thing, and 5 loses = "Proven". Not what you said. You're math was very persuasive. When I said bandwagon i really wasn't referring to anyone in this topic at all (not even the wisconsin guy who probably has been following derringer sense middle school). I was very course and rude to the Wisconsin dude, cause he doesn't seem to think about the making any logical connections in his posts and I am disturbed by thoughtless people. You definitely have the moral high ground on me though, and I wish i hadn't posted so clumsily because I do dislike aggravating unless its in a very specific and deliberate way.
  9. I don't want to give a snarky answer to that so, i'll just say good point. I'll just say i thought this before, and became certain watching the iowa dual. I thought they didn't just get beaten, most of their guys didn't even compete. I was also astonished that tsirtsis didn't seem to have any sort of plan when they went into the final rideout, down riding time, especially since he makes his living in those scenarios. Similarly i watched a guy like Welch and thought he always seemed to win on phenomenal guts, for which i gave no credit to his coaches. Their guys lack the intangibles of well coached teams. Thats really kinda BS of me to say, because its almost impossible for you to disprove, so I am certainly putting this out as my two cents, which i don't always do.
  10. So i can't say he is slightly overrated? Who said he isn't proven? What do you mean by proven? This topic as a lot of idiotic math and numbers flying around.
  11. Yeah I am hard to please. No point in coming on here picking favorites and bandwagon jumping right? I just think he get slightly more praise than he deserves. I think J Cox gets slightly less than he deserves does that help?
  12. and i have one huge objection to cradlewiz's post. I WAS impressed with them when they had Lang Fox Herbert Tamillow velez fox on the same team. Thats ancient history, now they seem to just develop one kid at a time.
  13. Why is it so tough to coach there? Do they have scholarships? I'm sure it's hard to get in and expensive. I'm also sure lots of kids are clamoring to go to school in Chicago.
  14. Yeah you're right he doesn't get as much credit for gables titles as gable does......Messed up.
  15. Loved Safratowich. I'm really not grinding an axe, but it is certainly a morbid curiosity.
  16. Is it just me or do Minnesota guys peak as freshmen or sophomores and then wait for people to graduate. The only glaring exception i know is Manuel Rivera. And this may be typical of D1 to some extent, but the Minny guys are super impressive as freshmen, and really don't improve from there. Or maybe I could restate it this way, They don't peak as seniors.
  17. Minnesota i weird, they peak as freshmen and never get better. Imma start a topic!
  18. The Derringer bandwagon is slightly exaggerated.
  19. yeah thats because you have that stupid wisconsin logo as your avatar
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