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  1. Obviously you don't understand how good he was in high school
  2. i hadn't seen it before, it is a scandal that they reviewed that call and gave G two back points. Absolutely a screw job.
  3. Macintosh won right? No offense but I feel like the PSU fans feel a little insecure about his development. And if insecure seems like the wrong words keep in mind I think the PSU coaching staff has set a near impossibly high standard for themselves.
  4. They wrestled in dozens of national tournaments. He didn't. Short of transferring to PA there wasn't much they could do. I Why did you contribute to my argument right before claiming i was a troll?
  5. He sat in PA, far from Nickal, Hall, and Valencia for two years. I don't think its unfair to assume he doesn't chase down competition.
  6. why flo didn't rank him #1 is beyond bad taste.
  7. Call was impeccable. Oliver, cynically intent on making wrestling boring, dared the ref to caution him and his bluff got called.
  8. maybe he is the problem, not the cut.
  9. putting it in tulsa will hurt it badly.
  10. He wasn't claimed as one of the best high school wrestlers in history...
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