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  1. Is it even that late? Can you tell me what you are referencing, authentic curiosity in the academic side of the subject. I feel like that would be the peak among trained athletes but not among people on the street.
  2. Columbus doesn't have any coaches, at least not like all the other top programs. If Mizzo recruited like tOSU they would run the show.
  3. I am outraged every year. Never has there been a rule which not only transparently did not accomplish its intended role, but did the direct opposite. Its just something completely arbitrary that snakey cowards use to defuse situations which would otherwise result in an attempt to throw. It being in place makes the greco community look lethargic to me.
  4. I am hoping vito, thinking gilman. And can we not parrot Flos insanely lame nick names please.
  5. It might be a more than fair comparison. Eierman's style might translate better to free.
  6. it'll be hard to sleep at night if he is....knowing he might repeat the deed that has traumatized us all......
  7. If he shows up you can't knock him for it whatever happens. Conversely him not showing up is in direct contradiction with all his verbiage. The guy is claiming he will be a HWY, 97 k shouldnt be a problem.
  8. no one is taking the bait dude.
  9. There has to be some sort of farcical character who he is directly comparable to.....he's like a real life Mcgruber or something
  10. I don't mind people being fans.....but you have to admit he is an idiot.
  11. Yeah, I shouldn't care, probably wasnt shakespearian.
  12. I have had people freak out on me for pointing out that Hall was overrated too, but considering the recent tech and fact that his PSU support is gonna dry up i bet you could get away with it now.
  13. Did this happen to be while he was affiliated with PSU?
  14. No every time. NCAAs, dual meets, his stupid recorder schtick, he screamed the f word so loud last time zahid beat him that you could hear it on TV. The guy craved attention. He's not stoic at all.
  15. he plans out his celebrations, that is the opposite of stoicism
  16. jocks? I was originally going to say simplistic populists but went with the more polite verbiage.
  17. ankle pass, far ankle, churella....
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