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  1. Well you shouldn't have referenced it in support of your argument if you didn't want to look dumb.
  2. I had covid, and didn't get pneumonia.... Is that how diseases work now? you get two at a time?
  3. its not an exception, he had pneumonia....its just misinformation.
  4. the link you cited says you are wrong. He had pneumonia.....this is the biggest self own i've ever seen.
  5. well thank goodness even if that happened its not statistically relevant.
  6. Yeah but when he made the comparison it made sense in the context of his argument.
  7. Um.....would you rather have covid, or be in a fatal car accident? Weird comparison. Are you one of these people who think the hospitalization rate for people with covid is 50%?
  8. he hits it often. here is him doing to the greatest and most important wrestler of our generation
  9. Part of it was that Taylors shot was a misdirection. It look like a straight double but he shot right legged and switched his head to Yaz's left side. So the heavy feet were partially because he was frozen up as far as reacting goes.
  10. i wasn't following the topic closely, sounds like we are on the same page.
  11. Unvaccinated or anti-vaxer? What's the definition of an anti-vaxer?
  12. wrestlers travel...any decent high school wrestler doesn't sweat 4 hours.
  13. Kind of a tacky piece of news to sensationalize.....
  14. not to shift the subject, but this reads like no one is gonna care about world's this year.
  15. Oh wait you didn't hear? Thats doesn't count because.....reasons....
  16. the third case is that of a sycophantic crony who is mad the discussion exists at all.
  17. When I think of him not pulling the trigger, I think of the JO match, and I'm not saying your wrong, but I think he assumed his superior handfighting combined with JO's ridiculous habit of living on the edge would be enough for him to control the match and cruise to victory. A tempting delusion. Anyway I think he usually shoots enough, and when he hits guys like Otoguru or Musakaev his is actually probably gonna have to be a little more selective...maybe not in Musakaev's case sense he'll just get tired and give up...
  18. He doesn't seem to suffering for opportunities, his set-ups have become the outstanding part of his wrestling, still a little hairy when he gets to the leg, except his low lift finish which he seems to have mastered.
  19. I continually surprises me that the Heil/Delgado rule, against all expectations, turned out to be a good thing...
  20. I am hoping he has a glass jaw and ends up wrestling....
  21. congrats on taking part in the ever forgiving culture you posture at detesting.
  22. yeah we're not hard...like the guy throwing a tantrum over people saying...cheating is bad....
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