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  1. I think he's a good style match up for Warner. Warner can handfight and has really heavy hips. He can beat him in ugly fashion.
  2. I caught your reference...and I am the only one.
  3. Also people forget that none of the guys he beat were any good.
  4. idk whether you, me, or iowa wrestlers are the hit dog but thats a turn of phrase i will be dropping in the future.
  5. this post is stupid whether literal or ironic.
  6. Yours was just a bad guess, not a mean spirited haymaker thrown at a ghost that you didn't even think existed.
  7. Here is one of the biggest air ball posts of the year.....
  8. It never hits wrong though...thats what no one saw coming and why it is a success.
  9. I have to call this stupid. you are acting like his antics are compensated for by the fact that he is good at wrestling. He didn't put him in his place with antics.
  10. I thought he acted funny in the interview, but my take was he was just pissed. He hides it as good as anyone (except yianni) but people that competitive are in touch with their anger. And you can call that a limp but some people just suck at running.
  11. he got a win over Valencia too.....
  12. As usual TBar confusing everyone as to if he is really unfunny or just ignorant.
  13. Beyond just needing a weight, he needs to add some weapons.
  14. my bad i assumed based on previous posts he didnt
  15. steveson didn't get it cause he is a tool
  16. no he doens't he looks like the yellow bad guy in Sin City
  17. I think he should say something nuanced or interesting.
  18. its better than listening to Sparks. And btw Nickal is not very good at all.
  19. Deakin is more of a rider than a turner, but he's amazing at it,
  20. people who look for these easy turnkey ways to define stalling (riding the hips, parallel ride) need to think of the sport in less superficial terms.
  21. have you ever had a conversation with Sasso?
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