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  1. idk, i was just responding to his incessant yelling nonsense like "HE'S GRABBING HIS TOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
  2. Yeah if Eirman puts his head down and Lee runs around him that would help....your analysis is horrible.
  3. Mark Manning is a bad call farming tool......
  4. don't worry I have a feeling he is gonna double down.
  5. Do you realize how lame it is that you keep dropping ":)"? If you are going to try to win arguments by pretending that you are a smug idiot at least up your game and drop ;)
  6. No one wanted him out...everyone wants to see him get killed.
  7. Pretty much all those coaches do really shady stuff, particularly while recruiting...Cael seems particularly willing to say something he knows will later be exposed. He doesn't care about his reputation at all, I think I like him more for it.
  8. Cael didn't need any practice lying thats for sure.
  9. Stall Bradley was an all time great.
  10. Sorry to spam you but its not like picking Taylor over Dake. Burroughs has been beaten on last second scores in two consecutive world semis, he just lost to a badly choking David Taylor (who I thought would tech him so I have no business pointing that out)....I'm not into the idea that Burroughs clutch gene is gonna bail him out, which is why Dake beats Taylor. This is largely a myth caused by the Flo bros going through a phase where they sucked up to everyone by asking about their "sprint".
  11. Dake has beaten 3 of those guys and never wrestled the 4th...one of which with a broken hand.
  12. The flaw in your argument is that is presumes Dake couldn't have passed up burroughs. I think it looks like Burroughs passed his prime, no evidence Dake isn't in his prime.
  13. That's not a point. I didn't say Dake always beats burroughs, I said he is going to.
  14. I don't think there is any evidence Burroughs matches resemble trench warfare. Thats not a knock on his effort, keeping guys off you with motion is harder than handfighting, and he can handfight but its pure blocking, i think they gruesomeness of his matches is somewhat caused by him just not being that efficient with his style.
  15. The majority of his international matches. Its his shots, he's physical, lots of points, matches end early. When he wrestled chamizo he went after him. Wasn't like that in college.
  16. I think Dake is gonna keep burroughs off his legs. In response to Dake not attacking enough, the unique thing about Dake is he seems to attack exactly enough, he is one of the few who can win a chess match or a fist fight, and can also choose which the match is gonna be.
  17. Yeah its just a feeling. I thought taylor was gonna tech burroughs too
  18. This is one of the most common completely pointlessly pointed out things.
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