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  1. is it bad that i only read the first three words of the topic before clicking
  2. he hits retherfords shot in this match...i think this match is his magnum opus despite getting ridden
  3. I was big on this when he came out. I thought he didn't have solid enough basic takedowns. The funk and rolling across his back and all that is brilliant to watch in folk, and he's somewhat proven me...."less right" in freestyle. But like you said when it comes to those guys around the top it's kind of a glaring issue that he doesnt have any reliable "go-to" attacks, and he has trouble creating those awkward positions he's so good in off of their offense. The subject of basic shots is interesting. He has a great lefty knee pull/ankle pick, which was all we saw at the trials, the same misdirection double taylor got yaz with, and in college he used to hit the low double that is retherford's only shot, but I havent seen it lately...I don't know whether to say if his problem is "go-to" attacks, diversity of attacks or just not inflicting enough damage in his hand fight.... its probably mixture.
  4. He is such an innovative wrestler, i thought he would adapt brilliantly to freestyle, but I think the increased level of freedom from a scoring perspective wasn't enough to compensate for how solid senior level guys are.
  5. Call me crazy but does Ferrari remind anyone else of John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever? Both in appearance and mentality
  6. i'll skip to the end, he's the favorite.
  7. yeah when a 30 year old like yianni BBqs its real awkward.....or you're just mad he won.
  8. yeah something tells me he isn't going to denounce his us citizenship
  9. mal thinks he should shoot a single because those dont take energy....
  10. How about the endless repetition of semantically overloaded nonsense like "you can't over commit".....yeah no kidding that's what the "over" in "over committing" is for. This is just white noise. Get someone knowledgeable or articulate or controversial or funny, just give us something.
  11. PYLES AND MAL ARE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SORRY had to say it once.
  12. parris didn't contest that TD very much....
  13. a finger clasp......struck me as BS, but it wasn't a one point match
  14. Burroughs is so elusive I don't think it'll matter, hard to imagine dieringer getting to a hook or underhook enough to execute. If ringer can manage to force his style, yes, but thats just an aspect of being good enough.
  15. Dani went nuts out of nowhere and used her dragon to burn like half of kings landing and killed a bunch of innocent people.
  16. He probably walks around so lean that he sucks at putting on mass or cutting.
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