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  1. There's a big difference between not making it easy to cancel and not making it possible to contact anyone for anything.
  2. I think I subscribed to Rokfin at the beginning of this past season and somehow the account got set up as an auto renewable monthly fee. Trying to cancel and, as you may know, it seems to be impossible. There's no chat or phone listed on their web site. The only phone number I could find (417-631-8529) isn't connecting to anyone or a VM. Gee, it's almost as if they don't want anyone to be able to cancel their account. Any suggestions? Thx
  3. Take a closer look at the low to mid weight wrestlers and who they wrestled. I think everyone under 157 lost only to All Americans. Speaks more to the bad draw they got than to poor wrestling. I do agree that a few of the Mizzou guys wrestled below their seeds, but many did not. Especially proud of Surtain who was a backup for 99% of the season. He did well enough at MAC championships to get to the nationals and wrestled tough (but lost) to two AA's.
  4. Love the performance and potential of O'Toole, but let's not overlook another great job. Rocky Elam, also a true freshman. His path to a medal this year may have been the toughest path of anyone in the tournament. He met and beat several top seeds to become an All American. Future looking bright for Mizzou!
  5. gallison


    I understand Schmitt is a grad student, so don't know if he returns. It'll be fun.
  6. gallison


    Where will Josh Edmond fit into the lineup next year? Are there any other backups expected to break into the starting lineup next year.? Connor Brown should be back after his injury. Doesn't appear that Mizzou will lose any starters. Also, what about the rumor that Mizzou will change conference for wrestling next year. Any updates to that rumor?
  7. No pick for first/second? I'm waiting with baited breath! (whatever the hell that means)
  8. Wrestling has begun. ESPN+ coverage doesn't begin till 3:30 this afternoon. I checked Track Wrestling and they're showing results "after the match" but seems like no live scoring. Anywhere I can get live scoring?
  9. Anyone know a start time for action on Friday? Also, any idea where we can see a live broadcast? Thx
  10. I think it was on a Missouri wrestling blog. Haven't heard anything official from the University or the coaching staff. Sounded as if the move was already discussed and agreed to though. Getter better competition from the BIG 1 would be very welcome.
  11. As a side note, I understand Mizzou wrestling is moving to the BIG 12 conference next season, correct? If so, that will increase their "in conference" competition over the MAC group.
  12. Glad to hear some of the newer Mizzou wrestlers will participate. Mizzou has a very deep group of quality wrestlers. It'll be great to see how well they compete with this quality group of wrestlers.
  13. It's ridiculous to suggest that Mizzou could "flake out" as if they're scared of the competition. If Brian Smith skips the event it's in the best interest of his team's health. NOT to get a better seed!
  14. This Challenge is scheduled for Sunday the 14th. I've heard rumors that Mizzou is skipping this due to the COVID risk less than two weeks from the MAC championships. The Mizzou website still shows this on the Mizzou schedule. Anyone know for sure what's going on,...one way or the other? While I understand the risk, I'd love to see Oklahoma State and Mizzou wrestle (if they can do it safely). Thanks
  15. I'm looking forward to the match in a week and a half with Rocky Elam! As you might guess, I'm picking Rocky to win. Go Mizzou!
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