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  1. I don't want to rain on this parade, but Wrestle Stat simulation has Mizzou beating both Iowa and Penn State in dual meets this year. Should be a pretty good year for the Mizzou Tigers.
  2. Doesn't Jaydin Eierman still have a redshirt? He's only been wrestling about 8 years at the college level.
  3. You took on an impossible task. You did a pretty good job, even though something like this will always result in disagreement and debates. Exactly the type of thing we all need to survive the long off season. Thanks for the hard work! PS. There's no way Mizzou does that poorly! Ha!
  4. In early Intermat rankings, Connor is projected to rank 27 at 133 lbs. Is there any competition (on the Mizzou roster) at that weight that could beat out Connor?
  5. Oh yeah, that's much better! Appreciate the effort though. Now, I'm going to go lie down!
  6. Hammer award from Amateur Wrestling News. I realize Keegan isn't from the "Big" wrestling conference but their justification was pretty solid. 165 had 9 returning All Americans, plus Keegan beat the returning champion in the finals. When you add in the fact that he gave up zero pts in all his matches leading up to the finals, that's some pretty solid credentials for OW. PS. I still think they'll give OW to Gable.
  7. Amateur Wrestling News will present The Hammer, its annual award, to the University of Missouri’s Keegan O’Toole. The award is presented to the wrestler who wins the national title at what the writers at AWN determine to be the most competitive weight class. O’Toole won the 165-pound title this year in Detroit, defeating Stanford’s Shane Griffith in the finals. Griffith was the defending champion, and the 2021 NCAA Tournament’s Outstanding Wrestler. There were nine returning All Americans at the weight. O’Toole finished the season undefeated at 25-0.
  8. O'Toole (Freshman) had no points scored on him throughout the tournament till the finals match. He also sprained his ankle in his second match that limited his shots for the remaining matches. He deserves to be just after Yianni!
  9. Could Seltzer start at 133 next year? Whittling wrestles around (174-190 range) seems to be occupied. So, is he expected to redshirt?
  10. Jacques may be the guy. Don't know if he has a redshirt. I suspect Mauller goes 157. Josh Edmund back at 149.
  11. Keegan O'Toole wins his semifinal match 4-0 to advance to the championship at 165 pounds. He STILL has not given up a single point at the NCAA's. One more to go! (Posted on Twitter by Andrew Kauffman)
  12. Trying to watch a specific mat on ESPN+ and getting nothing. Anyone know a solution? I've tried refreshing screen and reloading. Nothing!
  13. PS. Not being in the MAC anymore has nothing to do with it! Mizzou won the Big 12 and in the long run, the tougher competition will help the team significantly.
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