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  1. Last high school season he was wrestling around 145. I was surprised to see him in the 160 or so weight class. Glad to see him do so well. He'll be a great addition to the Mizzou Tigers next season.
  2. Grades must be especially bad. Athletes can be ineligible because of grades and work themselves back in the starting lineup.
  3. So far though, no one has been able to confirm whether Connor is eligible to wrestle this season. The predominant opinion is that he's required to sit out this season since this is his second transfer.
  4. That'd be a shame. He was expected to have a starting role this year (subject to Connor Brown's availability). Don't know who would have won a wrestle off. Either way, excited to see this new Mizzou team compete. Coach Smith continues to build champions and recruit well.
  5. Still no one that knows anything about Malik Johnson? Is he till at Mizzou, or not?
  6. Apparently the decision Leeth will go 141 was made shortly after last season. He's come down to 141 in a very gradual manner; not overnight. He's surely lost some muscle but he'll still be a monster at 141 if he isn't suffering from the cut.
  7. Thanks PinFallRecruit. No picture was posted, so I scrolled right past it. Any idea if he's eligible to wrestle this year? Will he need to sit for a year? I've seen it speculated in both ways. Thanks
  8. Missouri has posted their 2019/2020 roster and it raises a few questions. 1. Malik Johnson a 4 time Missouri state champ from CBC, is not on the roster. He would have been a red shirt sophomore and was likely a starter at 133. What's up? Has he transferred? 2. Grant Leeth is listed at 141 which was expected. However, Jaydin Eierman is also listed at 141. I would have expected if Jaydin was taking an Olympic RS he would not be a registered student and therefore, not on Mizzou's roster. Is this just my misunderstanding or is Jaydin not taking his RS? 3. The rumor that Connor Brown was transferring to Mizzou was not substantiated by having his name on the roster. Any update on Connor's plans? Thanks for any help on this. Gary
  9. I agree with all prior posted wish lists. But somebody's gonna do this so I may as well be first. My wish list is completely Mizzou focused. 141 - Agree with the excitement around Grant Leeth. Hope he can maintain the weight without killing himself (or someone on the Mizzou team). 149 - Brock Mauller did an amazing job with his true freshman AA effort. Can't wait to see his sophomore jump. HWT - Zach Elam looked like another true freshman all star at the beginning and end of last season. Don't know whether it was injury or burnout that caused his mid-season slump. I'm guessing a good off season of rest and weight lifting will reward Zach and his Tiger team mates with a fabulous sophomore season. As always, I'm also excited to see the entire Mizzou team both returners and new faces to the starting line-up. Gonna be an exciting year and already have tickets for my son and I to cheer on Mizzou in Minnesota. Go MIZZOU!
  10. What is the date that all OLY redshirt decisions must be finalized? In other words, when will we know for sure "who's OLY redshirting and who isn't"?
  11. Where can a person see real time results?
  12. What's the scoop on Tyrel Todd? Good hire? Will he add more in the wrestling room or the recruiting trail?
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