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  1. My son (Rob Allison-Missouri) started wrestling at age 12. He was good enough to qualify for the Missouri Team to wrestle in Dallas his first year of freestyle and greco. His first freestyle match was against Temoer Terry (Nebraska 3-time All American). All the guys on the Mizzou team were telling Rob how good Temoer was when one of the mothers looked up from reading her book. She told the boys that if Temoer hadn't lost in XX number of matches, then he hadn't travelled far enough from home. Very wise mother! Although Temoer dominated the match, it was a good lesson for my son and the other boys from Missouri.
  2. Haven't the rules been relaxed regarding high school wrestlers competing in college open tournaments? Better competition brings quality of the high school kids up pretty dramatically.
  3. As of Sept 7: Joining Mizzou Wednesday are the following (national ranking is as of Sept. 2): No. 6 Keegan O'Toole – 165 Pounds – Hartland, Wis. No. 11 Rocky Elam – 197 Pounds – Kansas City, Mo. No. 45 Colton Hawks – 184 Pounds – Wentzville, Mo. No. 48 Josh Edmond – 141 Pounds – Detroit, Mich. No. 100 Trey Crawford – 133 Pounds - Kansas City, Mo. Ellis Pfleger – 157 Pounds - Grafton, Wis. Ethan Turner – 133 Pounds - Houston, Ohio As of Jan 28 COLUMBIA, Mo. – Mizzou Wrestling head coach Brian Smith has announced the signing of two-time NCAA qualifier and Missouri native Matt Schmitt (Platte City, Mo.), a graduate transfer 133-pounder from West Virginia. Schmitt, a former team captain for the Mountaineers, will have two years of eligibility remaining as he took a redshirt as a freshman and an Olympic redshirt this season. April 8 Looking good for 2020/2 and beyond! Thank you to Coach Brian Smith and his coaching staff!
  4. Maybe the current red shirt rules could be used as a guideline. Baseball season, as an example, was barely begun before being shut down. Give them a redshirt. Wrestling and basketball were done with the exception of the season championship. Those sports would not get a redshirt. Probably not a popular thought on this forum. Forget the virus issue for a moment. If a wrestler wrestled all season and was hurt just before championship weekend, would you give them a redshirt? All said, I was really looking forward to the NCAA's. My son and I had tickets.
  5. gallison


    So does O'Tool redshirt as well? All these guys are still pretty young. Where does O-Tool fir into the lineup with Mocco, Jacques, etc.?
  6. The difference between this and a Catholic church issue is the age/maturity of the person being abused. Even if the wrestler doesn't brake an arm, why wouldn't they know it's wrong and stop it by any means necessary?
  7. From ESPN's web site... A former University of Michigan wrestler filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday alleging the school ignored warnings that former team doctor Robert Anderson was sexually abusing his patients. The anonymous plaintiff wrestled at Michigan from 1984 to 1989. According to the lawsuit, he first was violated by Anderson as a 17-year-old freshman, and Anderson continued to molest and grope him on a regular basis during the remainder of his time as a student-athlete. "One illustrative incident is when plaintiff scratched his arm while wrestling on the mat during a summer training session, and he was told by leadership to see Anderson about the bleeding," the lawsuit states. Much more in the article.... EDITOR'S PICKS Ex-UM wrestler says warnings about doc ignored Ex-football players join U-M sexual abuse case "During his appointment for his arm, Anderson told plaintiff to drop his pants, and Anderson sexually assaulted, abused and molested" him, according to the lawsuit.
  8. Provide lots of encouragement his first year. My youngest son started at age 5 and had to wrestle in a 6-7 year old age group. Lost every match his first year but would come off mat as excited as he could be. That was awesome dad! Good memories in St Louis/Oakville.
  9. Anyone know if there are any colleges in Texas (especially DFW) that might start a wrestling program soon? (other than just a club based group)
  10. There will be in two months! Go Brock!
  11. Congrats to Brock on his big win against the #1 ranked wrestler at 149. Oh yeah, congrats also goes out to the Oklahoma State Cowboys who won the dual against Mizzou 26-6.
  12. Will Connor Brown be able to contribute? 141 maybe? Regarding O'Tool, where can he squeeze into the line-up? That part of the team is pretty solid.
  13. Rocky Elam, Zach's younger brother, was registered to wrestle at 197. Anyone have an idea why he didn't wrestle?
  14. Following the Clash too. Interested in how Leeth does today as well. Thanks
  15. Can Connor Flynn move back down to 165 from 174? He's getting beat by J Kent at 174 and we seem to be struggling with Peyton Mocco at 165.
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