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  1. I agree with all prior posted wish lists. But somebody's gonna do this so I may as well be first. My wish list is completely Mizzou focused. 141 - Agree with the excitement around Grant Leeth. Hope he can maintain the weight without killing himself (or someone on the Mizzou team). 149 - Brock Mauller did an amazing job with his true freshman AA effort. Can't wait to see his sophomore jump. HWT - Zach Elam looked like another true freshman all star at the beginning and end of last season. Don't know whether it was injury or burnout that caused his mid-season slump. I'm guessing a good off season of rest and weight lifting will reward Zach and his Tiger team mates with a fabulous sophomore season. As always, I'm also excited to see the entire Mizzou team both returners and new faces to the starting line-up. Gonna be an exciting year and already have tickets for my son and I to cheer on Mizzou in Minnesota. Go MIZZOU!
  2. What is the date that all OLY redshirt decisions must be finalized? In other words, when will we know for sure "who's OLY redshirting and who isn't"?
  3. Where can a person see real time results?
  4. What's the scoop on Tyrel Todd? Good hire? Will he add more in the wrestling room or the recruiting trail?
  5. Loved that ESPN chose to show this. Wish they'd show the finals for past years throughout the long off season. It was fun and interesting to see the past matches and champions!
  6. Absolutely. You've already heard about Texas football being the #1 Texas sport by far. As the old saying goes, spring football is # 2. Texas wrestling has come along way though, since we moved here in 91 from Missouri. There's been a big influx of better coaching and an increase in better quality athletes. "Freestyle and Greco have also seen rapid increases in participation. In the 90's many of the Texas high schools had their head football coach also fill the athletic director spot (to afford a higher salary). In turn, they'd assign one of their def back coaches to coach wrestling. Not because he knew the difference between a single leg and double leg take down, but because he needed more money to stay at that school to coach football. Pleased to see the progress in Texas. Can't wait to see one of the Texas universities start a division one program. Meanwhile, I'll continue to be a big fan of Mizzou and the great work everyone there is doing.
  7. Agreed. I've lived in Texas (Missouri Alumni) since 1991. Both my sons wrestled in a Texas high school. My youngest played football and wrestled as a 7th grader. When 8th grade rolled around he decided to wrestle year round. One day the football coach saw him using the school weight room; no one else there. The coach was so mad he quit football he ran him out of the weight room saying the room was meant for football players only. I grew up playing football yet the attitudes in Texas were so horrible it really turned me off. I've seen the booster club award the football program $10,000 for a year end banquet (for a losing record) but then debate whether the wrestling (and other sports) team would get $100-200 for some small item. Your points about Allen are very true, but there are other high schools nationally that are of similar size, or recruit wrestlers from other schools, or even convince wrestlers to stay back in school a year so they are older by the time they are competing in high school. I still think having the Heisman and Hodge award winners at the same school is pretty amazing. If this is not an amazing accomplishment, tell me which high school has ever done this before? (no, my sons did not go to Allen)
  8. Read this on Twitter today so I an't take credit. A trillion to one odds! In 2019 , as you know, Bo Nickal won the Hodge award for the best collegiate wrestler during the 2018-19 season. Also, in 2018-19 Kyler Murray won the Heisman award for the best collegiate football player in the nation. Both amazing athletes are from the same Allen high school in Texas. Probably had the same English class. Can any other high school in the nation claim this? Wow!
  9. I heard he was transferring to Lindenwood College in St Charles Missouri.
  10. Agree with milbruem. Love the direction of the Mizzou program. How many teams can say they had three true freshman compete at Nationals; one AA (Brock), one an eyelash away from AA (Elam) and JJ showed growth with his performance all season. Wrestlers and coaches continue to improve the program every year! Congrats to the entire team and coaching staff.
  11. Thorough, well thought out analysis. Fun stuff. Can't wait for things to get rolling.
  12. Julia Child? Mickey Roony? Who'd a thunk!
  13. Maybe your rankings are different, but wasn't 133 lb Erneste (Mizzou) considered an upset when he tech falled Gomez (Iowa State)? I thought most rankings had Gomez ranked ahead of Erneste by a couple of spots.
  14. Brandon Slay. Great wrestler, smart guy and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. Oh yeah, he's from Texas too!
  15. Had John pulled any of his starters, Okie State would have most likely lost the dual.
  16. Zach Elam showed today why he is such a strong candidate to screw up the HWT seedings at nationals. Elam took #2 ranked Derek White to OT. White won with an OT TD.
  17. Missouri 133 - John Erneste 141 - Jaydin Eierman 149 - Brock Mauller 174 - Daniel Lewis
  18. Rankings took some heat recently, like all ranking sites, for what various readers thought were inaccurate rankings. "Opinions" are always subject to criticism by someone, somewhere; makes sports talk fun and interesting hearing other views. I'm writing to suggest that, for the benefit of wrestling as a sport, the time and work put into the WrestleStat Rankings is valuable and , at least by me, very much appreciated. Thanks for the stats and all the hard work. Look forward to see the improvements you bring next year and the year after. Mizzou Fan! PS. Can't believe you don't have Mizzou ranked ahead of Penn State! Ha!
  19. Anyone have a clue about why Elam has wrestled poorly on several of his recent matches? Looked like a different wrestler compared to his first month and a half of the season.
  20. Was Peyton hurt bad enough to be done for the year or will he return? He's still got his redshirt for this season, right?
  21. Mizzou fans are pretty excited about their new HWT, Zach Elam. A true freshman doing really well. Just took 3rd at CKLV tournament.
  22. Proud of Mizzou's performance and look forward to seeing them improve over the remainder of the season.season. Questions/Comments: 1. The final team results can be misleading due to teams not being at full strength (e.g., Cornell). Mizzou finished ahead of Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska and Northern Iowa.Were these other teams short handed or was Mizzou's higher score a true reflection of team performance? 2. Colby Smith (125) had a really strong tournament beating two seeded wrestlers; did he forfeit to Piotrowski due to illness, injury, other? Anything that will keep him out of the lineup for any length of time? (4) Louie Hayes (Virginia) – W, 10-4 vs. (12) Sidney Flores (Air Force) – W, 11-4 3. Grant Leeth also forfeited his last match. Anything long term? 4. Loved the strong performance of Mizzou's youngest wrestlers; Jarrett Jacques, Zach Elam and Colby Smith. Brian Smith continues to recruit well and develop strong recruits into champions. 5. Any anticipated line up changes coming (eligibility, injury recovery, etc.) that will improve our line-up? Congrats to the entire Mizzou team and coaching staff!
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