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  1. Anyone have any insights on the Mizzou starting lineup this year? Getting close!
  2. Just like Brian Smith, I wasn't counting Barlow. Haven't been able to count him since his freshman year.(as we all know. Wish Barlow all the best, but glad he's graduating.
  3. Congrats to the Mizzou wrestlers on a very good season. We lose Joey G to graduation, otherwise, everybody is back next year. Look forward to seeing how the strong recruiting class contributes. I understand the contract with the MAC expires this year and we can make a change. From watching the NCAA performance it appears getting some tougher "in-season" competition would be beneficial. Hoping for a move back to the Big 12 in the off season.
  4. Option #1: Transfer his coverage to Olympic figure skating. He's a little obnoxious for the NCAA tourn. Option #2: At a minimum, do a split screen so we can watch the wrestling. Very irritating to have important matches in progress and the camera is focused completely on Billy B. Oh yeah, and the person who bought 1,742 time slots to play the same Snickers commercial (every 5 minutes) telling us how to make butter needs to be tarred and feathered. Otherwise, absolutely amazing tournament!
  5. My son and I are driving up to Stillwater from Dallas. Coming to watch a great dual, but cheering for Mizzou to win all the way. Can't wait!
  6. pish, ... I'm guessing you are saying this without watching Lewis much this year. Just a guess. Lewis has looked very strong,...significantly improved over last year when he placed 6th. He'll be more competitive than you are thinking.
  7. Is he injured or can't win starting spot?
  8. I also noticed there's no Black and Gold meet on Mizzou's published schedule. The meet seems to have evolved into more of a team intro for fans than having much to do with determining who starts.
  9. OK, practice formally begins next week and the 2017/18 season starts in a month. Still a little early but here goes: 1. We had a good year last year. Some new wrestlers really came on strong at the end of the season. Still believe Brian Smith is one of the best coaches in the country. Coach Smith and his staff year after year develop their wrestlers into winners. 2. Is Barlow McGhee still expected to start at 125 this season? Maybe he was hurt last year, but he didn't perform anywhere near what he had shown in years past. Would love to have BM back if he's up to it. 3. Was Daniel Lewis cutting too much weight last year? He'd go into matches and dominate for two periods then appeared to run completely out of gas. I'm seeing projections that he'll wrestle at 174 this year. True? 4. Really excited to see Miklus at 197 this year. Hope he is, and remains, healthy. For someone as good as he is to be hurt and/or wrestling out of his normal weight class you really feel for the guy. Hopefully this is a big year for him. Does anyone know yet if he's getting an additional year of eligibility yet due to his injury? 5. Any other significant news for the Tigers,...good or not so good? Appreciate the feedback for a loyal fan living in Texas.
  10. A few questions about next years starting lineup. 1. Will McGee be back? He under performed this year. Reason unknown. Injury, lost interest, ???? 2. Who fills 149? DeLoach? Another discussion suggested Lavalle was dropping. 3. Miklus to 197? 4. Wisman to 184? 5. Daniel Lewis to 174? 6. 165? Connor Flynn? 7. Reg Daniel Lewis,...was he having difficulty making weight? He was dominant for 2 periods, even against top rated opponents. Third period starts and he looks like he can't even stand up. Other potential changes?
  11. ST. LOUIS, Mo. – Due in large part to one of his program's best weekends of competition, Head Coach Brian Smith was named National Coach of the Year by his peers at the National Wrestling Coaches Association (NWCA) following the conclusion of the NCAA Division I National Wrestling Championships. It's the second national coaching award of Smith's career, following his 2007 Dan Gable Award. http://www.mutigers.com/news/2017/3/18/wrestling-smith-named-nwca-coach-of-the-year.aspx
  12. Congrats to the Mizzou team and coaching staff. Unbelievable showing in St Louis! 1. Coach Smith should be coach of the year considering the challenges he's faced this season and how he's juggled the line-up and motivated the team. Several starters, including returning AA's were lost to injury. 2. Wrestlers were up and down with their performance through out the year, but most came through with their best wrestling performances when it counted. 3. This performance should continue to improve the recruiting for Mizzou. Brian Smith continues to show how he can take good wrestlers and make them great. He can take great wrestlers and turn them into All Americans and National Champions. Looking forward to tonight's finals,...first time Mizzou's had three in thee finals? Can we overtake Iowa?
  13. gallison

    All Star

    Nice to have 3 wrestlers competing from Mizzou,....and that is without Cox.
  14. Mizzou's schedule for the 2016-17 season is posted on their website. Duals with Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Cornel, Ohio State and Oklahoma State should make for some exciting wrestling. Can't wait!
  15. 125: Barlow McGhee 133: Jaydin Eierman/ Clayton 141: Matt Manley 149: Lavion Mayes 157: Joey Lavallee 165: Daniel Lewis 174: Dylan Wisman 184: Willie Micklus 197: J'den Cox 285: Austin Myers
  16. Can you say who the three incoming HWT's are expected to be? Anyone expected to be competitive at NCAA's? And yes, Mizzou should have a very strong team next year. Love it!
  17. Thanks TigerFan. I appreciate the insight. Do you think Synon will make the starting lineup? Regarding Mayes, he seems to need work on his riding and all takedowns, other than his double. Do you expect he'll be able to become more "well rounded" in his technique in the off season? He is very good, but could be so much better. If I'm wrong in this assessment, please say so.
  18. Anyone close to the program have insight on next years lineup? Will Cox redshirt? Move to Hwt? Who will move up a weight class? Seemed like a couple of the guys may have struggled with cutting too much this past season. L Mayes moves to 149, I assume. Who are the best new wrestlers coming into the starting lineup? Thanks!
  19. Good story, good coach, good program. Thanks for posting the article.
  20. No love for J'Den Cox? True sophomore winning a second championship in his first 2 years of college? He's undefeated this year.
  21. Like all Mizzou fans I was excited to see them beat Iowa yesterday in the Dual Championship. Hopefully, we're about done with all the back and forth regarding the infamous slam in the Waters, Gilman match. To help Mizzou fans move on, I'd like to share some of my thoughts and observations while watching the dual yesterday. Keep in mind, living in Texas, I don't see many of the matches. I'd appreciate your thoughts and feedback. 125: Waters seems ready to win a championship. Comes down to his health and mental focus during the tournament. It'll be a tough bracket but he can win it all. 133: Synon may win a match or two, but this seems to be just a good start for next year and beyond. 141: Like many others I was very impressed with Mayes work on his feet. I was equally unimpressed with his mat work. Should still have enough to come away from St Louis as an All American. 149: Drake seems ready physically and mentally. Great intensity and chain wrestling. Excellent shot at winning it all. Hate to see him graduate. 157: Lavallee has the ability to wrestle well at nationals and contribute a nice point total but I suspect he'll come up just short of AA status. He seemed small compared to Kelly. Is he a small 57 lb'er? He also seems inconsistent; winning matches you think he won't and losing matches you think he'd never lose. Nice addition to the Mizzou team. 165: England seems to get better each week. Is this contributed to him getting accustomed to the lower weight class? It'd be nice to see him do well in St Louis. 174: I like Eblen and believe he'll be an All American this year. I thought he was wrestling well enough to beat Evans. He seemed to run out of gas in the third period though. Like England, is he still getting adjusted to the new weight? 184: Don't know what to think about Miklus. Early in the season I thought he was going to reach AA status in his RS Freshman year. He seems to be struggling. Have the other wrestlers figured him out? Is he dinged up? I know I'm glad he's a Tiger and look forward to him contributing over the next several years. I anticipate 2 or 3 years of AA status, hopefully more. 197: Mizzou and our fans are very fortunate to have Cox on our team. It'll be nice to have a 4 time NCAA champ on the team. However, he seems to wrestle with just enough intensity to win a match. He seems to wrestle very conservatively while ahead. Like yesterday, if he falls behind he seems to have the ability to score at will. HWT: Mellon works hard, improves and does the best he can. He's not flashy but he's steadily improved over his time at Mizzou. Best team in the history of wrestling at Mizzou! Thanks again the team members (starters or not) , Brian Smith and the entire coaching staff. Thoughts? Feedback?
  22. Thanks. I'll go back and look at that as I recorded it on DVR. Didn't see that or hear anything about it but it would certainly explain the scoring.
  23. How was Waters called for the slam? Waters was off his feet on the back of Gillman. Gillman initiated the move and the slam! He also did it with the intent of injuring Waters.
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