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  1. Lots of discussion and debate about DQ not. I still haven't heard an explanation for why Gillman got a point in that slam series. Anyone know why the point was awarded according the refs? Made no sense to me that it was 1 and 1. The announcers explanation didn't help either.
  2. ...and Mizzou won the dual "at" Iowa. This was definitely a home dual for Iowa.
  3. I'm especially looking forward to the match between Eblen and Evans. Like you, I think Eblin wins and that will be the key to a Mizzou win for the dual.
  4. Semi finals should be some great competition! It'll be interesting to see who makes the semi's between the anticipated Minn and Cornell quarterfinal match.
  5. Now that prediction seems fair and unbiased! So there!
  6. Brian Smith may not be the best coach in college wrestling. Koll and Sanderson are very good, and there are others. What Mizzou fans are acknowleding is that Brian Smith is light years better than anyone Mizzou has had in the past and we're damn thankful to have him! He's done a great job and continues to improve the program every year. Not too long ago, Mizzou was consistently at the bottom of the BIG 12. This year we're highly ranked and competitive with any program in the nation.
  7. Couldn't have said it better. Almost forgot,...Miklus will decision Brooks @ 184.
  8. I like Eblen to upset Evans.
  9. Unless you know what's happening in the practice room, I'll suggest that just having a lot of state championships under your belt doesn't necessarily mean you are a better solution at 165. It also seems they want to give England a chance to acclimate to the 165 weight class. Maybe he just needs another month or so. Whatever the case, Mizzou seems prime for a strong Championship push in March. I trust Brian Smith will make the right decision.
  10. Agree with your predicted outcome for the dual. Good analysis overall, with the possible exception of 133 (cooler name?) Synon has been wrestling pretty well. However, I don't know enough about Harding to provide any better forecast. I'm sure some of our OK friends will educate us.
  11. Though early, I think J'Den Cox has this beat already as a national champ during his true freshman season.
  12. Even this past week (after the scuffle) Intermat had Cornell ranked 3rd in Div 1 dual meet strength while Mizzou was ranked 5th ( I believe). I suspect that will change on Tuesday when new rankings are published. Congrats Mizzou! Good win.
  13. Mizzou winning 17-3 at the intermission.
  14. Mizzou web site implies Zach Synon will start at 133 for the Tigers against Cornell. He did pretty well at the Scuffle. If I remember correctly, he missed a medal by one match. Remaining Mizzou line-up appears to be as listed on my original post. Zach S. Notes • In his second season as attached wrestler, has emerged as solid option at 133 pounds, posting 17-6 overall record • Has competed in five tournaments, placing in four, while also getting the starting nod in two duals (1-1) • Best finish so far this year came at UCM Open (Nov. 16) where he finished in 2nd place
  15. Dual meet projection for this weekend. #2 Waters over #3 Garret 3-0 #15 Grey over Manley 3-3 #6 Mayes over Dunphy 6-3 #4 Houdashelt over #7 Villalonga 9-3 #9 Realbuto over #10 Lavalee 9-6 #11 Palacio over England 9-9 #7 Eblin majors Pickett 13-9 #1 Dean over #14 Miklus 13-12 #2 Cox majors #18 Bennett 17-12 #16 Mellon over Aiken-Phillips 20-12 Other comments: 1. Don't know if Manley is wrestling this weekend or not. He didn't go to Scuffle. 2. I expect England to improve dramatically as the season progresses. I suspect, though, he's still adjusting to 165. It'll be tough for him to beat Palacio right now. 3. Did I get the Cornell line-up correct? Lots of ranked wrestlers in both line-ups. Should be a good dual. Let me know your thoughts.
  16. Very happy and proud of the Mizzou performance. I also like that they still have room to improve before heading to St Louis. Unless something happened in challenge matches that I'm unaware of, they didn't have their starter wrestling at 133. As mentioned in another post, Mayes won but doesn't appear to be at his best yet. This was a weaker group of wrestlers at his weight class and he didn't dominate his matches they way he's capable of. Houdeshelt will get pissed and work harder as a result of this loss to a very good wrestler in the finals. England seems to need time to adjust to his new 165 weight class. He'll get there and do well. Eblen did far better than most people thought he would after seemingly dropping quite a bit of weight. Good chance to medal in St Louis based on his performance at the scuffle. Nice addition to a strong line-up. Willie M will continue to develop and do well in St Louis. Good chance to medal. Cox continues to amaze. Hats off to Brian Smith and the amazing job he's done with the Mizzou wrestling program. He continues to improve the program year after year. Go Mizzou!
  17. You guys are really fouling things up by introducing facts and logic. Not fair! Being a Mizzou fan we need to get some funds raised so we can send the Godfather to St Louis. If we can get to the right host contacts we can get the Godfather to be the tournament scorer in March. You willing Godfather? Please!
  18. What caused Manley to miss this tourn?
  19. Mizzou has 7 in the semi's. Great job so far. Bring it on home! Nice win for Eblen over 7th ranked Weatherman.
  20. I agree Mizzou could win it it. It's hard to tell though since half the team hasn't wrestled tough enough competition to know how good they really are. It'll be fun and a good mid season grade card. With the talent in this tourn all coaches should leave with constructive feedback for their team regardless of who wins.
  21. Missouri will be tough. Team is wrestling well and they have their HW back in the lineup.
  22. Cody looks good and aggressive during the first period and a half. Then he seems to run out of gas. Is he cutting too much weight or is he just not in wrestling shape yet. Seems odd to think he wouldn't be in shape yet at this point in the season. Anyone have any insight? Otherwise, Mizzou is looking good for March. They get their HWT back tomorrow from grades and Mike England (unranked) had a good win today over #13 Caleb Marsh. Southern Scuffle will give everyone a good mid season assessment.
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